Park of Glory

Arsenalna-78Park of Glory is one of the most picturesque places in Kyiv.

Located on the right bank of the Dnieper not far from Kyiv center, Park of Glory is the site of attraction for tourists and a pleasant place to take a walk.Arsenalna-160

There is an Eternal Flame Alley,  a Walk of Memories to commemorate soldiers who died in World War II. In recent days country leaders and top officials come to this place to lay flowers to honor Ukrainian militaries who are killed under Russian agression in eastern Ukraine.Arsenalna-166

There is a stature of Motherland built in Soviet times. Surrounding area is popular during May holidays and the Independence Day of Ukraine that is celebrated August 24. The park is located near Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra ancient sanctuary.  

Park Kioto


Park Kioto is located between metro Lisova and metro Chernigivska. The park is particularly beautiful in early spring when sakura - Japanese symbolic tree - starts blooming.

Besides rows of sakura tree, white and tender pink,KiotoPark-25

the park is densely planted with pine trees and chestnuts blooming in May. There is even a small pond and a little Japanese-style bridge that makes this place a small land of Japanese culture in Kyiv.

Students from Tax University located nearby, mothers with baby-strollers, pensioners and youth make it their favorite place and spend hours picknicking on roll mats.

Park Peremogy

Skypark39Park Peremogy is located near Livoberezhna metro station.

The park has attractions such as an observation wheel, small cars and a "sky park" - ropes tightly strained between tall pine trees to climb. There is an indoor skayting ring that makes thisSkypark27 a popular place in whinter, along with such activities as feeding squirrels and bullfinches. There is a small river where the one can rent a boat or a catamaran. The park is a popular place for picknicks and bicycle-riders. During the state holiday the park becomes a popular place for fairs, handmande and outdoor activities.