River port

River_portThe river port is the place where you can take a trip on a boat alongside the Dnieper banks.

River port is a very lively place in Kiev in summer.

Every weekend from noon to the midnight ships and boats are shuffling back and force departing and mooring to the river port moorings.

On the weekends the ships take off for a trip every 15 minutes or half an hour and the administration announces through the loudspeaker about the nearest departing crews.


A One Street Museum


There is one place in Kyiv where you can learn a lot about the previous centuries (the IXX and XX) and what the life was alike back that time. The museum says about famous people who lived back that time and shaped the history. There is a Museum of One Street located at Andriivskyi descent, right at the bottom of it.


obolon9Obolon Quay

Obolon Quay is the place where you can feel as if at the sea coast some summer night. There are milliards of lights from the skyscrapers, street poles and restaurant which are numerous at the bay. Remote music is coming from each corner of the bay and even from the water from boats which are patrolling the Dnieper. The air in the bay is filled with barbecue fragrant mixed with scents of expensive perfumes, pop corn, Chinese sticks and beer.


Discovering Universe in Ukraine

tel_01If you want to look at the sky and even at the Universe, there are places in Ukraine to do this.

You are welcome to the National Observatory of Ukraine. Are you eager to discover space? Do you want to know more about life on Mars?

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to discover a new planet!

You can look at the stars, galaxies and other planets through the telescopes in the Observatory.


Space study with Astronomic Observation in Kiev

space-flightAstronomic Observatory of T.G. Shevchenko Kiev National University is quite popular among local people. The one can come here to enjoy the beauty of the sky, to look at the space.... and simply go step by step through the history of development of space science in old Russian empire, in the Soviet Union and later in Ukraine.

For example you can look at the antiques telescope of the 19th century. This telescope is located on Kiev meridian and it was officially representing the astronomic position of the city in the 19th century.


Pinchuk Art Centre (Art Gallery)

Pinchuk_art2Many of the visitors who have come to Kiev take pleasure in going to Pinchuk Art Gallery. This place is different from the other places in a way that it displays extremely modern art which consists of installations, collages, conseptual space and movies. The exhibition organizers keep the pace with the novelties of the contemporary art to surprise and shock the visitors.

The exhibits presented are shocking at times as much as shocking are the materials. One pleasant feature that contributes to the success of the venture is that there are no entry tickets and the entry is free.


water_musWater museum

Water informational centre was opened in 2003 in the premises of water pumping tower and reservoir in a City Park (Mariinsky Park) in Kiev. From that time it has been one of the most popular places for visiting as it tells you  everything about water.

The exhibition tells visitors about water circulation as it takes place in nature, explains human technologies for collecting water, water supply and sewage systems. Among the exhibitors are an operating model of artesian well and a sewage collector. During the excursion visitors witness glacier thawing, they are exposed to the rain occurrence conception and mechanisms of geyser eruption will be no longer mystery to them.


statuetteKyiv National Museum of Art

It is one of the largest art museums in Ukraine. Its exposition displays works by famous Ukrainian artists of the 19 and 20 century and contemporary art.

But the most precious and literally priceless collection that you can see in this museum is the collection of old spiritual paintings of 17 and 18 and even from the 14 and 12 centuries. Some of them were painted in Byzantine Empire like an icon “St. Gorge in life” which was painted on the pieces of wood.


chernobChernobyl Museum

Just few weeks before the explosion the authorities of the industrial elite town Prypyat were preparing for city celebrations and introduction of new entertainment centre. Now the area is deserted and the vicious serenity of the city Prypyat is not disturbed if only by curious tourist groups. By visiting Chernobyl museum you will get familiar with the details of major technological nuclear catastrophe of the mankind, an explosion at the fourth nuclear power reaction section on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station which took place in April of 1986.


russian_artKyiv Museum of Russian Art

The framework of collection displayed in Kyiv Museum of Russian Art is the art expropriated from rich people during Soviet revolution. The collection included paintings and many statues. A particularly large share of exposition attributes to a private collection of famous Ukrainian philanthropist Fedor Tereshchenko and his family. Basically, Kyiv Museum of Russian Art is situated in the mansion which belonged to the family of Tereshchenko and the statues that greet you in the hall were in his house. Private collection of art that was into possession of this family was so great that after expropriation it was divided between many museums to make a start but the Kyiv Museum of Russian Art in Tereschenkovskaya street enjoyed the most share of it.



Dreamtown is the major entertainment complex in Kiev located in Obolon district. Actually, there are two of them in the same district. In the Dreamtown you will find shopping mall, restaurants and entertainment facilities. There are a roller ring, an ice skating ring, a bowling, a pull, an aquapark, car racetrack and even curling. Cinema is also there. That is not to include countless entertainment facilities for children like automatic animals riding, rope climbing, jumping and other entertainment for kids and adults such as karaoke singing. There is a dinosaur room with the replicas of dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park. Add to that a unique decoration for the each floor and with all that you’ll receive the major modern shopping mall in Ukraine.