Brief history of Ukraine for those who go to Ukraine  

Precondition for formation of UkrainePechersk_Lavra 

Ukraine is situated on the lands which were earlier occupied by Skiffs who lived on a vast territory from the Black Sea to the North. In more remote times the territory of modern Ukraine was the home to antique civilization Trypillya. The evidences of Trypilska Culture are aptly found on the land and unequivocally point at the highest level of development to infer that Trypillya was one of the first and the most developed civilizations on the planet.

Princedom of Ancient Rus

The early development of modern Ukraine was in a form of Princedom (9th – 12th centuries). Regardless whether you come to Ukraine for the first time or you have already been here, you will hear the stories about Ancient Rus and Kievan Rus which are basically the same. In the centre of Ancient Rus was Kiev. Kiev was ruled by Dukes whose genetic line starts with Ryurik. Ryurik passed his name down to the generations, thus having started a dynasty of Ryurikovychi.

The times of glory and sorrow 

Kyi_KhoryvKyiv accomplished a great level of development in the period between 9th – 12th centuries. Ancient Rus with Kyiv as a center was considered to be a greatly developed country among other countries of Europe and even Vatican. Kyiv had library and the rulers of Ancient Rus were literate and knew how to read and write. Admirably, not only the rulers, but the women and their daughters were literate too.

Invasion of Tatar-Mongols in 1240 put the end to the flourishing times of Ancient Rus and halted the development of future Ukraine for generations. In 1240 tataro-mogols literally leveled down Kyiv and the nearby areas. Every visitor who will come to Ukraine and to Kyiv, in particular, will be able to see the fundament of ruins of the first Christian Church Desyatynna.

For some time the centre of Kyivan Rus shifted to its Western area, to Galychyna (Galytske Princedom). In the period from the 13 to 17 centuries Ukraine at different times was under the ruling of Poland, Moldova, Lithuania and Russia, plus it was constantly involved in and under the threat of Ottoman Empire. Even though Ukraine was separated from the Ottoman Empire by the Black Sea, Ottoman Empire had its satellite in the Crimea Peninsular. And Ukraine experienced constant threat from its side and its intermittent invasions during which the Ukrainian lands were robbed, women taken to slavery.

Alliance with Russia Vladymyr_hill

All this and other geopolitical circumstances among which not the least were Poland persistent claims for the territory, forced Bogdan Khmelnytsky, a former ruler of Ukraine, to sign in 1654 a strategic treaty with Russian tsar. According to the terms of this treaty, Ukraine conceded to the patronage and power of Russia while Russia undertook to protect integrity and lands of Ukraine.

However, the political situation in Russia and political methods of influence deployed by Russia was no better that time than today. As the historic evidence suggest, the terms and conditions of the treaty were misread and Russia constantly infringed certain conditions of the treaty until it completely subordinated Ukraine and opposed any thought of independence. For a long time Ukraine remained a province of Russian Empire and a part of Soviet Union up until the collapse thereof in 1991. The fall out of Soviet Union created opportunity for referendum which led to independence of many Soviet States, among which Ukraine was.

Archangel-Michael"The Times" about Ukraine

The European community has long been concerned about the influence Russia made upon the neighboring countries. Even in the first half of the past century the “Ukrainian question” was largely debated in London and the international society. Let the publications speak for themselves first.


"An Anglo-Ukrainian Committee has been formed in London to protect the interests of the Ukrainian people, who, it is pointed out in a statement issued last night, occupy a more or less contiguous block of territory, greater than that of France and Great Britain.....