Antique Land

The Crimea is one of the first places to visit when you go to Ukraine. The Crimea provides wonderful sightseeings opportunities and places for recreation when you arrive to Ukraine.

Short description of the itinerary: Balaklava. Medieval Genoa fortification and walking up a breath-taking and absolutely captivating mounting pass along the ridge leading to the Silver and Golden beaches. A trip to the Soviet Classified Submarine Base. A trip to Chersonesos. Traces of antique civilization. Bakhchisaray. One of the first Christian settlements, the unrivaled caved town Chufut-Kale.



Southern Crimea

Short description of the itinerary: Novy Svet. Golitsyn path. Venturing to Golitsyn grotto. The Plain of Ghosts. Marble caves (the Marble cave, the Bottomless cave, the Emine Bayir Khosar’s cave). The Great Canyon of Crimea. The rope path. The Silver Strings waterfall. Vorontsov palace. Alupka park. The Swallow’s nest. Yalta. The tour is planned for three days unless other destinations are included.



About the Crimea

Crimea is the land which synthesizes multiple cultural layers of many civilizations. The range of the civilizations whose historic “footprints” are found in the land of mountain ridges and the Black Sea is astonishing. Starting with kimmerians lived in the area in the bronze and iron ages, continuing with Taurida and Skiffs who populated Ukraine and the Crimea in between the 7th- 4th centuries BC, and finishing with Ottoman Empire and its “satellite” in the Crimea.

Many civilizations at one time or other found prosperous shelter in the Crimea land. And many of these civilizations have left the distinguished trace in the world’s history. It was Taurida described in the chronics of ancient historian Herodotus that inspired antique Greek tragic poet Euripide to write his poem “Ifigenia in Tauride”. Skiffs are emblazed in the epic world history as valiant warriors. The feats and deeds of Skiffs are bountifully described reflecting their ceaseless wars against Persian and Macedonian tsars.

Not surprisingly, the Crimea is the place almost each footstep of which conceals untold stories and veiled evidence of the preceding civilizations.

About the tours

The first tour includes symbolic places, carrying the most fundamental historic evidence and standing out for their picturesque landscapes and status of the most famous tourist destinations.

The second tour represents the “luxurious”, “opulent”, “affluent” and “exorbitant” Crimea, which is how the Southern Crimea is often referred to. These descriptive attributes are formed under the influence of boisterous tropical climate creating the salubrious environment for the abundant vegetation, flora and fauna.

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