Kamenets Podolsky & Khotyn & Tovtry

This city is actually located in a sea bed which existed 20 million years ago and is known as the Sarmatskoe Sea. Hence the stone ridges, cliffs and canyon which captivates attention and creates unforgettable atmosphere and unparalleled experience. The city has the deepest well in the world, museums, Catholic Cathedrals, a unique in Ukraine collection of original stone idols which is over 1000 year old and many more. From Kiev we can offer you a one day or two days trip to go to Kamenets Podolsky city .



Ukraine Incognito

Another intriguing place to go to when visiting Ukraine is a collection of castles called a "horseshoe". This trip is planned for two days, stopping by in Lviv (Lvov). The tour includes visiting three castles Olessky, Podgoretsky and Zolochevsky (first day) and sightseeing Lviv (second day). This group of castles only recently has opened its doors to mass tourism making it particularly attractive to a great number of tourists from different countries. We invite you on a one day or two day trip to the Castles from Kiev



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