Kamenets Podolsky & Khotyn & Tovtry

This city is actually located in a sea bed which existed 20 million years ago and is known as the Sarmatskoe Sea. Hence the stone ridges, cliffs and canyon which captivates attention and creates unforgettable atmosphere and unparalleled experience. The city has the deepest well in the world, museums, Catholic Cathedrals, a unique in Ukraine collection of original stone idols which is over 1000 year old and many more. From Kiev we can offer you a one day or two days trip to go to Kamenets Podolsky city .


People coming to Ukraine cannot pass by the temptation to visit this place. Kamenets is one of the most captivating places in Ukraine to visit. And a Khotyn fortress is a beautiful touristic destination too. The trip is designed for two days. The cities Kamenets Podolsky and Khotyn are located within half an hour drive distance which makes visiting them in one occasion convenient. Another name for the Kamenets Podolosky city is a Flower on the Stone.

Description of the tour

The first day of the tour is dedicated to Kamenets-Podolsky and the sightseeing of the remarkable places in the city which are so many! Next day will be the trip to Khotyn and Tovtry (each of the trips takes placesin the first or second part of the day alternatevly).

IdolDetailed description of a day in Kamenets-Podolsky

Upon arrival and cheking in in the colourful hotel decorated in Ukrainian National style just in the centre of the old city, we will warkGap_in_a_wall straight to the Kamenets Podolsk Fortress, from where we will go to a City Hall and a great collection of old money displayed therein, ever used in Ukraine and the World, starting with the money used by Greeks in the VIII-VII cent.BC. You will venture into the medieval underground prison and look into the deepest in the World stone-wellAfter that you will look at the only in Ukraine unique display of Slavic Idols. Lunch. After lunch, we will venture to a Roman Catholic church of St. Peter and Paul, and after that our way lies through the old city, and to the canyon, and by the bed of the canyon and up a narrow path to a restaurant in a tower where you will have a dinner. Free time.  

About Kamenets-Podolsky and its main touristic sites

The towers, fortresses and stone bridges immediately take you away into the medieval time.The fortress is the jewel of the city, it has the second name, a Flower on the Stone because it is located on a cliff hanging off over the river. But  it is not the only thing worth of visiting.

Collection of Slavic Idols

Kamenets Podolsky is the place where the greatest collection of unique Slavic Idols is presented to the public observation. Ten Idols,  each of them has their own name and is connected to ancient system of beliefs. The most old of them date back to 2.5 thousand years ago. The stony sculptures have been found in different areas of Ukraine, and it seems that they continue to surface nowadays. The aforesaid stature estimated 2.5 thousand years old was found only couple of years ago.

GapCompatibility of incompatible

Kamenets Podolsky is unique because on a territory of few square kilometers there are places of historical value located which are incompatible and yet, peacefully coexisting together.

Several Christian churches, a medieval undergound prison, a Roman Catholic church and a Minaret. To make it even more intricate, the Minarte is built on the remains of a Christian church and this fact of course has a story behind.....


Khotyn is one of the most ancient cities in Europe, recently celebrated 1000 years. During this time, Polish and Turkey governments took turns on holding the castle while Cossacks occasionally kicked them out of the walls. Naturally, the city developed excellent fortification system, consisted of multiple hidden traps. Built of stone and surrounded by deep trenches, the castle is an excellent representation of medieval armaments and defense.


The fortress which never fell

According to the historic records, this is the fortress which never was taken by a siege or a military storm. From one side the fortress facesGap_in_a_wall2 the river Dnister. In 1621, the unprecedented event in the World's military history took place under the walls of this fortress. A 200 000 army of a Turkey khan was defeated by 75 000 joined armies of Ukrainian Cossacks and Poland united royal army. The retreat of invadors was mainly accountable for the army of Cossacks. 

slitVast historical references describe Cossacks and the exceptional commaraderie that they managed to establish and maintain for several centuries.

Accounts provided by their contemoraries lead to conclude that Cossacks knew techniques of contactless fight. What's more, the leaders who demonstrated exceptional skills and bravery underwent special trainings similar to meditation and yoga practices to develop extrasensory commands.  


Tovtry are the unique formations developed on the place of the former Sarmatskoe Sea or else known as the Tetis Sea existed about 250 million years ago. 

Systematic discoveries of relics in different parts of the Worlds until recently were explained by Biblical concept of the Great Flood. However, the geology science developed a new theory rivaling a Biblical explanation. During the Paleozoic through Mesozoic periods there was the ocean or a great system of interconnected water reservoirs which nowadays received a name of the Tetis. The Tetis separated two large continents Lavrazia and Gondvana about 200 million years ago before the continents attained their present configuration and location.

Khotyn_natural2  Tower_wall

Sarmatskoe Sea

About 66.5 millions ago the remains of Gondvana collapsed with Lavrazia and formed Alpian-Himalayan Mountain Belt consisting of Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathian and Himalayas. After the collision, the Tetis has maintained its role as a water reservoir for some time, covering the major part of the Southern Eurasia. The eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea are the remains of the Tetis (or the Sarmatskoe Sea).

Tovtry4 Tower_mini_site

Later, due to the great reconfiguration and realignment, the bed of the ocean emerged on the surface and revealed the cliffs and other rock formations built of limestone. These are the Tovtry. However, not only. Tovtry are the formations of unknown origin, up to 6 meters high, with only to them incongruous microclimate and the hosts of microorganism living on them.

The area is preserved

The area surrounding Tovtry is so unique that there are species living in that area which are not characteristic for this region at all. Conversely and surprisingly, however, they are found in absolutely different places on the Globe, in subtropics for example.

Now the area where Tovtry are located is preserved and closely guarded. Only few places are available to tourists.


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