To the adventurous souls and wet blankets!

It will fit to everyone!




This tour invites you to take part in a real fishing in the company of a real Ukrainian life-time fisherman.

The trip is available in the following formats:

  • a fishing trip in a motor boat/paddle boat in the remote and most picturesque area outside Kiev on the Dnieper in its full width and mesmerizing beauty. It is the territory which conceals traces of one of the first civilizations in the world - Trypilska Culture;
  • a fishing trip in a paddle boat/motor boat in Kiev, in one of its beautiful parks.


The Dnieper is the third greatest river in Europe in terms of length. It is 2201 km long with the basin volume of 504 000 square meters and the speed averaging between 0.3 to 1.2 m/s.

In chronics by Herodotus it was called Borisphen, in antique Greek literality bearing the meaning “the river from the North” which was how Ukraine was identified by the ancient Greek from the position of their southern location. 

For generations the Dnieper was the source of fishery for old civilizations. Besides, rapid cliffs and slopes sinking into the river, wide plains merging with the banks and bewildering width in some areas have long time become the objects of the art of literature and painting. 

You are invited to discover the beauty of this magnificent river as close as possible.


There are over 50 species of fish breeding in the Dnieper’s water. Most common species in this water are Cyprinidae and also pike, catfish, pike perch, river perch, bream, crucian carp, European carp, ide and roach.

Our fishermen are reliable persons, have a sociable personality and extensive experience.


Fishing is, without exaggeration, the art nowadays no less then it was thousands upon thousands years ago when there were no steel hooks or sophisticated bates and the skillfull fishing considered to be the wonder which only God was capable of doing!

RybkaPeople of no rank or position were severely punished if caught with a rod. Actually, they were decapitated. Now the society is much more lenient, at least in terms of fishing, isn't it?

It seems though, they fish rather for the appearance than for the result. But still, most of men go alone to this ancient form of hunt.They haul their bilongings and fishing tackle, nothing but the birds singing and chomping of fishing boots.

And yet, contrary to what is believed, some men take their wives to fishing too! Maybe envisaging a company and…. a breakfast, as women skillfully cook delicious fish soup.

During the trip the experienced Ukrainian fisherman will share with you Ukrainian fishery traditions about what bate is used, tackling inventory and the techniques. Fly fishing is the most common. However, there are dozens of recipes on how to prepare a good bate.

                                               BONDING WITH NATURE

What makes people get up in 4 in the morning and trot to the river? The excitement of hunter, the pleasure to see nature like it is impossible to see from the apartment, and not only to see, but to listen to all its voices starting from the humble twitting of the early bird, splash of water, crack of wood under the foot and finishing with mesmerizing silence so exotic to urban citizens.

Rybalka_in_winterFISHING IN WINTER

Temperature in winter in Ukraine drops sometimes below 30 Celsius degrees. The Dnieper’s bed which in other times of the year serves as a pathway to cargo ships now is braced with ice and would probably be covered in ice entirely if not for the ice-breakers job. But even at the normal winter temperature of -10 to -15 you will need special equipment which will keep you warm and comfortable. And, of course, there is a sagacious tradition to keep the body warm from the inside.

Winter fishing is particularly exciting as there are numerous techniques on how to track the fish under the3916-large ice. There are special tactics and strategies for each particular fish in winter similarly to different tactics in summer. The successful fishing extremely depends on the knowledge of habits, life cycle and physiological specifics of each species. Only highly experienced and passionate fishermen possess this knowledge.

“With no company whatsoever, save that of the relentless howling of the wind, they sit for hours huddled over the frozen river”. These are the words from the account of a foreign traveler amazed at the common spread winter fishing in Ukraine.

And yet, fishing is equally popular in all seasons round the year. No matter when you come to Ukraine, you will have a chance to get the flavor of the National Fishing.


From the school bench we remember that fish are cold-blooded. This means that the temperature of their body equals to the temperatue of the surrounding environment. Then why don't they turn into ice when it's minus 20 outside? Because they have glycoproteins which keep them alive at the severe frost.

According to the research data, glycoproteins have an impact on the molecules of water inhibiting their motor functions. In the surrounding saturated with glycoproteins the water molecules move less agile, therefore, losing their binding ability which prevents them from binding into a crystal grid. The presence of glycoproteins in fish's blood works more effective than the greatest and most powerful modern anti-freeze agent.

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