Hotels in Ukraine

When any visitors come to Ukraine or any other country, the first thing they are looking for is a hotel. In the past years the number of hotels in Ukraine increased. However, if you want to be on the safe side with your accommodation when travelling to Ukraine, it is better to make a hotel reservation beforehand. There are two sectors in Ukraine providing accommodation services: hotel sector and rent apartment private sector.


A hotel sector is divided into several segments, mainly depending on the location of the hotel. 

Hotels in Kiev City. The 1st class hotels. These are “Radisson” and “Hyatt” Kiev hotels and the like, located in the old part of the city, in the downtown, close to the central street of Kiev.

These hotels stand out for the international standards and good value they provide to their customers and therefore, if you come to Ukraine (Kiev) with business visit, with delegation or with an official mission you can be sure of the standards of servicing in these hotels.

"President Hotel" is known, among others, for accommodating large delegations of businessmen. This hotel provides a great number of conference rooms and facilities.

Others hotels in Kiev from the same range are Intercontinental, Premier Palace, Opera, The Dnieper and other. Riviera and Impressa provide luxury services in the Podil (Podol) district on the Dnieper banks in a half an hour walk or 5 minutes taxi from the downtown. Those who travel to Ukraine for the first time might feel particularly appreciative of the close proximity of the hotel to the downtown and main streets. It must be admitted, after all, that everyone who goes to Ukraine experiences a lack of open signs and directions on the streets.

Hotels remote from the centre or econom hotels in Kiev

There is another category of hotels in Ukraine (Kiev) which are located not in the downtown and usually next to a metro station, or sometimes in one of the city districts. They can be classified as econom hotels, though some of them might be very convenient to those coming to Ukraine in terms of location, even though it is not a centre of the city. For example, a hotel "Tourist" is located next to a metro station "Levoberezhnaya", a business centre on Levoberezhnaya, next to the Dnieper and Rusanovka Bay. 

Mini hotels in Kiev

Speaking of the exceptions, in other words the hotels which are also located in the prestigious area and providing high standard services to their customers for moderate prices. These are usually mini hotels, often located in two or three story buildings. People who travel a lot usually like such hotels for a homey atmosphere and a cosy feeling of privacy they provide to their customers. 

Such hotels with good European level of servicing and convenient location are Kozatskiy Hotel and City Park Hotel.

The hotel rooms in hotels of Ukraine usually include a bathroom/shower and a mini bar. Almost all hotel rooms have the TV, a shower set while air conditioning in the hotel rooms is optional. Breakfast is usully included in the cost of the hotel servicing in Ukraine.

Rent apartment sector in Ukraine

Rent apartment sector is well-developed in Kiev and Ukraine in general. When you arrive in Ukraine, you've probably already made an arrangement in advance. However, if for any reason you want to change your hotel or apartment, you can

  • look on the Internet or
  • ask us and we will help you find a hotel or an apartment in Kiev that will satisfly you.

Private accommodation, in its majority, is the apartments rented out by their owners and redecorated with consideration to the needs and requirements of the travelers. The geography of these accommodations varies the same way as the geography of the hotels. Some of them are located in the downtown and some are close to the subway. The advantage of this accommodation is obvious – it carries a lower cost. The disadvantages, besides remoteness, on the whole, from the centre, could be the absence of room service (you will need to clean the apartment yourself), however you can make relevant arrangements with the owner.

Apartments for rent in Ukraine

The rent apartment in Ukraine usually have one* or two rooms.

* If you come to Ukraine for the first time do not be confused by the number of rooms in an apartment. In Ukraine which was the old Soviet country in the past and inherited its traditions in housing design the apartment which is called "one-room" has really only one sleeping room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The two-room apartments have two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

So, the rent apartments usually have one or two rooms, a cooker and a stove in a kitchen, sometimes the rent apartment might have the Internet access and air-conditioning.

The list of the main streets in Kiev

If you go to Ukraine and Kiev for the first time you might find this listing of the main streets of the city convenient. This will help you establish the location of the hotel in terms of proximity to the downtown.

The majority of those visiting Ukraine spend most of the time on the main street Khreschatyk. Meantime, there are many other beautiful districts in Kiev with old architecture such as Podil, Pechersk, beautiful parks, the Dnieper and the bays and bridges across the Dnieper.

Central streets in Kiev City: proriznastreet

  • Khreshchatyk (the main central street), 
  • Volodymyrska,
  • Pushkinska,
  • Prorisna,
  • Sophiivska,
  • L.Tolstogo,
  • Bohdana Khmelnytskogo,
  • Velyka Zhytomyrska,
  • Shovcovychna,
  • Lypska,
  • Lesi Ukrainky,
  • Mechnykova.

Subway stations and the nearby main streets in the downtown:

  • Metro Independence Square, Metro Khreshchatic (Streets: Khreshchatyk, Prorisna, Pushkinska, Volodymyrska, Sophiivska)
  • Metro Teatralna (Streets: Prorisna, Pushkinska, Volodymyrska)
  • Metro Zoloti Vorota (Streets: Prorisna, Pushkinska, Volodymyrska)
  • Metro Lva Tolstogo (Streets: Khreshchatic, Volodymyrska)

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