Tips you might want use as a foreigner

Kiev is a hospitable and very friendly city, as are many other cities in Ukraine. However, there are few things that might present inconvenience to you as a foreigner. These tips will help you have a good time in Ukraine and save you from disappointment during your visit, and thus preserve a positive face of the city and the country in general

  • Better always keep your wallet and your iPhone in the inside pocket of your jacket;
  • When you travel some area in the city, always try to figure out your route in advance or have a map. There probably will not be any signs in English as you get stray too far away from the downtown;
  • There might not be enough WC in some areas, therefore always have in mind few locations of restaurants or hotels where you can find it;
  • If you want to stop a mini bus or a taxi say the following words in this sequence “ostanoviter” (stop) “pozhaluysta” (please) “zdes” (here)
  • If somebody steals your iPhone, the police will not help you. Even if you are the President of the United States of America or the British Queen. They would not help before, and now in particular - when they are too much busy with all the events in Ukraine in the Eastern region.
  • The fears about a foreigner beaten up if caught at the remote districts of Kiev are highly exaggerated and unsubstantial.
Here are some simple words which might be helpful to you in communication
  • Можно? (Mozhno...?) Can I... (This can be referred to practically to anything that you want or need to do. If you want to buy someting in the store or walk in somewhere or anything else)
  • Скажите пожалуйста (skazhite pozhaluysta)   Could you tell me…
  • Где (gde) where
  • Туалет (tualet)   bathroom
  • Метро (metro)   subway
  • Спасибо (spasibo) thank you

In Ukrainian or Russian languages the words in the sentences bind together without the help of the auxiliary verbs. In other words, in Russian or Ukrainian the sentence in which you ask about something will look like this: "Could you tell me where a metro?". Note the absence of the auxiliary "is". (Не могли бы Вы сказать, где метро?).

And finally, do not be put off by the frowned, unsmiling faces of Ukrainians. Ukrainians live on the average salary of 400 dollars a month (for example, the official salary of a nurse in a public hospital is about 100 - 150 dollars per month) with the prices for some products exceeding those in Europe. And they have been living like this for twenty years. They are very open, hospitable, educated and friendly people in their majority. You’ll learn this if you get to know them better!

There is also a good news to enjoy! For those who want to find a restaurant to your taste, or inquire about train schedule, or find a company of particular service in Ukraine there is a free of charge Informational English-speaking hotline accessible from fixed lines in Ukraine with the number 123. By calling this line other services can be obtained, such as reserving a table or tickets or booking a hotel room.

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