This tour provides a general overview on the historic, cultural and modern values which best distinguish Kiev today as one of the cultural and commercial, most elegant cities in the world.


Kiev is the gate through which most of the visitors come to Ukraine. Kiev is attractive from the point of cultural discovery as there is a great number of historical evidence and because by wide recognition Kiev is astonishingly beautiful city. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine as it was more than 1000 years ago.

Description of the tour 


The tour includes St. Sophiya Cathedral and its unique wall paintings, closely guarded as the World’s Heritage by UNESCO, and a story of a treasure of a Grand Duke of Rus, Yaroslav the Wise, St. Andrew’s Church, erected by eminent architect Bartholomeo Rastrelli, a Castle with Chimeras, the old city or the Princedom part of the city in the IX-XII centuries and the stories attached to it, the Picturesque Alley, the site of the first christian church in the Slavic World Desyatinnaya Church, the magic hills of Kiev, sightseeing of the banks of the most majestic river in Europe – the Dnieper, funicular, buildings of the supreme governmental bodies, a unique place in Ukraine Andrew’s Descent, the strongest fortification in Europe in the 19th century, monument to the victims of Holocaust, the II World War Museum under the sky and a historical-cultural complex Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra.


The tour is available in two  options

1. The succinct one, covering the most unique places of the old and modern city including Princedoms of Ancient Rus Dukes (9-12 cent.AC), historical centre of the city (starting from the 9 cent.AC), modern centre of the city and some governmental buildings; It lasts for about 1 hours.

2. The complete one, covering all remarkable landmarks from the recent and old history, including those of the Ancient Rus Princedoms (9-12 cent.AC) and those from the Soviet times, historical centre of the city, modern centre of the city, governmental buildings, World War II Museum and historical complex Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra; The tour lasts for about 3 hours.

Saint Sophiya Cathedral


The ancient place


* Kiev is a unique place. For one thing, Kiev is one of the most ancient cities of Eastern Europe; in 1982 it celebrated its 1500 anniversary. Kiev was the glorious capital of the Ancient Rus and the whole Slavic World in the 9th-12thcenturies before it was destroyed by the evasion of mongolo-tatars.

* It rebuilt and restored itself, for centuries the city has been the world-wide known place for its Cathedrals and Churches and underground caves made by monks.  

* The daughter of the Grand Duke of Kiev, Yaroslav the Wise, Anna was the queen of France.

* Yuriy Dolgorukyi, the Grand Duke of Kiev, the founder of Moscow, is buried in Kiev.

The pilgrimage place


* Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra is the monastery where monks and eminent individuals used to live. Now monks inhabit Pecherskaya Lavra too. Yet the most engrossing features that attract floods of tourists are the remnants of deep believers who denied all the pleasures of life and, having confined themselves to the scarcity of solitude cells, gradually killed themselves praying for their citizens and people of their land. Now their holly relicts are buried in Lavra.


Voluntary sacrifices were made by unusually strong in their spirit individuals. The old legends say they were valiant knights who, before devoting themselves to the sanctuary life, committed numerous feats protecting people from conquerors who tried to invade Kyiv. At the decline of their lives they becomed monks. On a tour you will hear stories of their lives and deeds, innumerable belligerent feats, as well as that part of their lives of the spiritual service when they put themselves through starvation and hardship.

The unique place with UNESKO heritage image-wallpaper-1280-1024-Ukraine-Khreschatyk-Street-Ukrainian-Ni735206

* Saint Cathedral Sophiya of Kiev and adjoining area of ancient Kiev is closely guarded by UNESKO.

* Kiev has numerous museums, parks, outdoor sculptures and other landmarks commemorating names of the eminent people who influenced the city.

*The most formidable fortification in Europe


in the 19thcentury is also located in Kiev. The fortification goes through the centre of the city, extending its walls and locking in a semi-circle central Pecherskyi district.

One of the largest rivers in Europe  

* Like Alexandria on the banks of the Nile in ancient Egypt, like London and Thames in Great Britain, like Paris and Seine in France and like many other great cities, Kiev is situated on the banks of the majestic and auspiciously beautiful river Dnieper.


The depth of the Dnieper in some places is as great as 20-30 meters.

Once you are here, you will realize and feel the spirit of the ancient and rich culture, remained clearly distinctive, unblurred and unique even despite perfidious attempts of many states to bring it under their rule.

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