Lisova Market

Daryn-1Lisova market has its name by the place where it is located - right in front of the exit from metro Lisova station, the final stop on the red metro line. The market has a long history of trade tracking back dozens of years. There was a product food market for a long time under the open sky, until in early 2010th it was modernized and commercialized, part of which came a glass roof above the trade rows. The market features a variety of food products, including dairy products, a vast variety of cheese including rare products of a healthy diet such as goat cheese and home-made cheese, solted cheese. There are Turkish sweets such as Turkish delight, fruit candies, syrups, jellies, confitures, marmalade, cakes, sherbet, halva, fruit and vegetables, pickled food, canned products, bakery products and spices such as saffron (crocus), barberry, nutmeg, almond nut, dates and other. The maket also has a household goods section where you can pick anything from a frying pan to a garbage can to a door rug to a floor mop to kitchen utensils. Though the markete focuses mainly on food products, everything else goes as complimentary products.

Lisova Market


Glass roof makes it convenient for shopping protecting visitors from cold, bad weather conditions. There are numerous venders alongside the main row offering snacks from various, very diverse and exotic cuisines.


The rows are lined with original decoration that at the same time serves as advertisement for products, shops and venders.


There is a drug store.


There are a couple of flower stands where you can by fresh decorated bouquets. 


Many shops try to stand out by applying an outer decoration or its own unique style.


This is the place where you can buy Turkish sweets, eastern sweets in great variety and different types of nuts, grain and dried fruit.