Dnipro Metro


Dnipro Metro Station, on a Red Metro Line (Branch).


Monument sculptures from the Soviet Times, Workers' and Peasants' style. The female stature conveys the symbol of peace and for this reason she is letting fly in the sky several doves. The name of the sculpture is “Peace” (architects F.A. Kotsiubynskyi, K.A. Kuznetsov and I.A. Gorovyi)


This monument conveys image of a worker. He is dressed traditionally for the monumental Soviet style and the worker holds some sort of instrument. The name of this sculpture is “Labor” (architects E.M. Kuntsevych, B.M. Karlovskyi)


A stand from the platform provides a view for the left bank of Kyiv and, its modern buildings. Across the Dnieper are seen the banks of Gidropark island.


A road under the Metro Bridge on which the Dnipro Metro Station is located leads in several important directions. The road leads to Arsenalna, Poshtova Ploshcha, Maidan Nezalezhnosti.


This way of the road leads out of the city.


The road on the Metro Bridge leads to the Left Bank, next Metro Station Gidropark, Livoberezhna, Darnytsia, Chernigivska and Lisova.


Voyage ships shuttle back and force along the Dnieper.