Vokzalna Metro


Main railway station, transport hub, access to a railway station, electrical suburbs trains, on a Red Metro Line (Branch).


Exit from / entry to Vokzalna Metro Station, or else, main Railway station. The exit / entry faces a large square usually filled with people racing through it back and force in all directions, but mainly – to and from the metro and the Railroad Main Building and its platforms.


A railroad facility, tickets and a waiting hall for suburb trains. The sign on the building says “Suburb trains”. Main railroad Clock is perched on top of the left side of the building.


On the left side, there are platforms, underground passage that leads to the platforms. On the right side are stops of intercity buses and the city area. Behind the building is a tunnel passage that leads to the other part of the Railroad station – the Northern Railroad Station.


An overall view on Vokzalna Metro exit / entry building from across the square, from the city buses stop. On the right, there is an intercity buses stop that shuttle in all directions of the country. Some of the buses departure every 20 minutes or so.


Main Railroad Building, with a waiting hall, the tickets’ section, an elevator upfront that leads to the platforms and railroad tracksUp the elevator, on the second story, there are numerous cafeteria, snacks and drinks, newspaper stands and other facilities to bide time. On the top of the building, there is a Ukrainian Coat of Arms.

The Main Railroad Building faces the city. Across the building, there is a city buses stop and, slightly to the left, there is an intercity buses stop and McDonald's.


McDonald’s is almost inevitable facility near every metro station in Kyiv city, and the main railroad station is not an exception. McDonald’s is very popular in Ukraine, it is much cleaner and friendlier than you would have expected, and in Ukraine it is quite a sociable place.


A view on the square in front of Vokzalna metro exit / entry, with suburbs train station on the right, McDonald’s on the left, the Main Railroad Building across the square and the city area behind it.


A zoom in on the city area behind the railway station.