Levoberezhna Metro


Levoberezhna Metro, on a Red Metro Line (Branch), is one of the busiest city areas and transport points, exit to "Tourist" hotel and Berezniaky, Rusanivka districts.

With multiple buses stops going in many directions like Osokorki, Berezniaky, Rusanivka, Livoberezhna is an important transport crossroad. There is "Tourist" hotel within direct reach at Levoberezhna and Rusanivka district within walking distance.

There are two exits. One leads to McDonalds and shopping mall "Komod" (on the cover picture of the article) and another leads to "Tourist" hotel, a tall glass-and-concrete building.


This is the exit that leads to McDonalds. Though, both exits look pretty much the same, except for the environment around them.


McDonalds at Levoberezhna, traditionally, is a meeting point, as it is convenient place to schedule a meeting. It's working hours are 6 am to 12 am (midnight).


Sighting metro passing by at Livoberezhna metro from the side of McDonalds. Behind the metro, uncompleted construction that has been stuck there for years.


A view on McDonalds's side at Levoberezhna, with buses parking under the metro bridge, going in all directions.


This is another exit at Levoberezhna, which provides exit to "Tourist" hotel and buses stops in direction of Berezniaky, Rusanivka, Pozniaky, Osokorky.


A small square at the exit at Livoberezhna formed by a shopping center on one side and hotel "Tourist" on the other.

Here you can drink a cup of cofe in a cofe shop, get your nails done, a haircut and to bide time waiting for a meeting, if you don't like McDonalds.


Shopping mall at Livoberezhna on the side opposite to McDonald’s. On the right of it, there is a hotel.