Obolon Metro


Obolon Metro station is on a Blue Metro Line (Branch) and it leads to the same named district Obolon, and the Dnieper bay


It hard to say what these animals symbolize and for what reason they are places on top of the children’s entertainment center. Ukraine is neither homeland for camels nor these animals are important here for some reason. But this is a well-known landmark of the district and the place to schedule appointments. Behinds this sculpture is a large food chain supermarket “Silpo”, and to the right of it is an exit / entry of Obolon metro station.


Obolon has a beautiful modern district on the banks of the Dnieper.


Obolon bay - a place for bikes, skateboarders and roller skaters.


Private sector two story houses are perched on one side of the Obolon bay.


Near the houses, there is a string of restaurants, cafes with all kinds of food, Japanese food, European food, Ukrainian cuisine.


In spring and summer, this is a favorite place for dates, there is a public beach nearby.


This stature placed on the banks of Obolon bay as if to commemorate countless dog owners who walk their dogs here in the mornings and afternoons.


Rich area of Obolon district.



Rich area of Obolon district.