A One Street Museum


There is one place in Kyiv where you can learn a lot about the previous centuries (the IXX and XX) and what the life was alike back that time. The museum says about famous people who lived back that time and shaped the history. There is a Museum of One Street located at Andriivskyi descent, right at the bottom of it.

The museum displays various attributes of people's life in the 19th and 20 centuries, female dresses, men's suits, books, examples of interiors, old photographs, gramophones, and many other tiny things filling the lives and surrounding of the citizens.

What makes this museum special is that the collection includespersonal things that belonged to famous figures whoes activity has contributed to the world's culture or politics. One_street_mus4

There are personal things that belonged to a world-known poet and singer with unique individuality Aleksandr Vertynskyi, who was borne in Kyiv, spend a large part of his life here and was very fond of this city.

There are personal clothes, portray and photographs of famous revolutioners, commanders, politicians who played important roles in the rough politics of the beginning of the 20th century when bolsheviks captured Ukraine.

There are evidence of the first Head of the State, famous historican, Mykhailo Grushevskyi, of a military commander who fought against bolsheviks for the independence of Ukraine Symon Petliura, and a trace of esoteric pioneer Mariya Blavatskaya.There are personal things of famous poets, writers.

But the most remarkable is the atmosphere of the museum which makes you think in retrospect and see things differently, and maybe value more achievements of modern life that we are happy to enjoy now. And at the same think kindly of the people who lived before us.