Baptising Holiday in Ukraine



Ukraine is a West country located deep in the European Continent with rather harsh winter weather. The temperature in winter can drop as much as 25 below 0°C by Fahrenheit, and sometimes in critical winters - even below 30 0°C by Fahrenheit. The coldest months are traditionally January-February when the snow covers all around and rarely bares the scarcity of the ground.

Yet this is the time when Baptizing Holiday, which takes place on January 19th, every year, is widely celebrated in Ukraine. In fact, more and more people every year join this traditional holiday and go bathe into the Dnieper – no matter how cold the weather predicts.

Not only men, but women, as well and people of all ages take part in baptizing and bathing among ice-cakes in the chilling water.

Luckily, Kiev is very supportive of this tradition as its banks of the Dnieper provide plenty of places where to bathe. This year people baptized in the river in Hydropark, in Obolon bay and many lakes. In other cities of Ukraine, such as Odessa, with access to the Black Sea, the people swam in the sea water.

After baptizing, people drink herbal tea with honey and have a good hot meal – which all will strengthen the health for the upcoming year.