Beauty shops, stylists, hairdressers

Beauty shops, stylists and masters of manicure are in abundance in Kiev. Every even not so rich district has at least one or two beauty shops not to count manicure salons. In rich districts number of beauty shops grow three or five times more. Beauty shops, massage salons and manicure shops are literally at every corner and almost in every building.

Beauty shops provide different range of services and procedures. Some of them narrow their services to hairdressing,beauty_shop manicure, depilation. Other provide more complete range which may include more difficult procedures such as piercing, body&facial massage, pilling, skin cleaning, laser procedures, tattoo etc. There are so many beauty shops in Kiev and Ukraine that the one can find certainly a place and a beauty procedure to his taste. The above mentioned very least services the one can expect from the average beauty shop. The other may include:

  • hair dressing, professional make up
  • nail extention
  • nail work (decoration, painting, nail piercing)
  • shellac
  • body wax
  • lazer depilation
  • body care
  • shaping massagebeauty_salon
  • skin care
  • anti-age programmes
  • hair dying
  • permanent make-up
  • manual facial pilling
  • anticellulite massage
  • body wrap-around
  • fruit, chockokate, rejuvenating wrap-around
  • health improvement Turkish baths
  • pilling with fruit acid 
  • pressure therapy
  • lymph drainage
  • gel modelling
  • hair extention
  • hair curling
  • beard cutting
  • mustaches framework
  • special programmes for men (health improvement massage, relaxing massage, medical massage of back, general massage, aroma therapy, weight correction)
  • massageman_massage

You can pick beauty shop from the Internet, however, for complicated procedures which can have significant impact on your appearance it is popular to take a word of mouth from the friends and acquaintances. Many people come to their stylists by recommendation.