Shopping for electronics & mobile phones

There are quite a few electronics shops in Kiev. E-commerce, electronics websites and online shopping is also very popular.

Dominating leader among electronics websites is ROZETKA shop. Rozetka trades everything from notebooks to source pans, heaters, refrigerators, stoves, multicookers, teapots, lawn moaners, iPads, mobile phones, vacuum cleaners etc. If you need a hunting gun or a pneumatic gun - you will find it in ROZETKA, if you need to buy a camping tent - you can obogrevatelcooleralso go to ROZETKA, if you need a plazma panel or a laptop, or air cleaner, or air dryer, or a cooler, or a baby stroller, or welding equipment, or garden illumination, or park lighterns, or a radar-detector, or a hoisting jack,aerogril or a car amplifier, or a rear view camera, or tires, or an engine for a boat, - you will find them in abundance in ROZETKA. Whether you need an umbrella for a city walk or a backpack for hitchhiking or a drill or a saw for your garden work or wood work, you can be pretty much sure you can find them in ROZETKA internet store. Rozetka has two outlets of product dispatch, so if you want to save on delivery, you can go and fetch your product on your own. One outlet is near Kontraktova Ploshchad (Square) metro and another one is near Tarasa Shevchenka metro.


Besides wide range of products and goods on display, Rozetka has quite powerful team of consultants who will answer your questions regarding boatspecifications, will advise on the product to meet your particular needs and will help to select the product which will fit your specific purpose. Rozetka also has a unique and very interesting and modern way of servicing at its dispatch centres throughkidfix electronic displays. Considering its considerable turnout of customers, this modern invention speeds up servicing making it quick. There are no lines in the store to a checkdesk and if you come for your product which you have already ordered by the phone, you will spend there no more than 5 minutes from the front door to your way back. 

There are other electronic stores which have wide range of branches all around Kiev. Here are some most well known of them

eldoradoELDORADO offers best cost&quality combination. Trades computer technique and gadgets, home appliances. ELDORADO electonics department store often makes discounts and there are many products whichtravel_beg you can find on a sale at any time of the year. In ELDORADO you can buy a product on a loan, having concluded a bank agreement with a bank representative who wait on customers in the store. Products available on loan are marked with a relative sign on their price tag or you can acquire this information from consultants.

ELDORADO"s range of products is somewhat more narrow than in Rozetka and it focuses more on electronics and home appliences such asplazma_panel TV sets, TV screens of all cizes, refrigerators and stoves, washing machians, blenders, juice squeezers (juicers), computers, laptops, etc. While Rozetka is more focused on modern technology and gadgets and anything of any kind which you don't know and have no idea where to look. There are many outlets of Eldorado branch in Kiev, some of them are near Petrivka metro, Levoberezhnaya metro, Pecherskaya metro, Kharkovskaya metro, Lybedskaya metro, Obolon metro and Pochtova Ploshcha metro.


komfiCOMFY is relatively young on the market and yet gains more and more recognition from the customers. Trades computer technique and gadgets, home appliances, web cams, batteris and power suppliers of any kind, light bulbs, connectors, laptops, mobile phones etc. TV screens and crystal plazma monitors, juicers, blenders, meat choppers, grillers, deep frying machines etc.

foxtrotFOXTROT works in the high market segment with prices somewhat higher than average. Trades computer technique and gadgets, home appliances

ALLO – mostly specializes in mobile phones and its gadgets. ALLO is best known to provide extensive loans for mobile phones and accessories. In Allo the one can buy a last model mobile phone or iPod on loan

Mobilluck - mostly specializes in mobile phones and its gadgets


Shopping for mobile phones

Shopping for mobile phones deserves to be pointed out in a separate topic.

alloBuying a mobile phone will be necessary for everybody who comes to Ukraine and intends to stay here for some while. Why is it so? Because it will not be long before everybody who arrives to Ukraine finds out that local mobile carriers don’t support their mobile phones and the only way they can communicate is through roaming which is quite expensive. In other words, foreign mobile phones which were bought outside of Ukraine don’t work with Ukrainian SIM-cards. In order to b able to communicate freely in Ukraine each foreigner has to buy a new mobile phone.

Most of the mobile phones which are sold on the market are fake Chinesemobiluck imitations of the famous brands. HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony are the brand representing mobile phones on Ukrainian market.  Imitation maintains original design but only from the outside. They look like real mobile phones but they don’t possess original qualities and hence low price. Usually such phones, even though they look like Androids or iPods, in fact in their functionality can only perform such functions as messaging, making calls and recording pictures. How to tell the real phone from the fake one? Real brand phones, Androids and iPods, have relevant price.