Shopping for clothes

Shopping for clothes may become enjoyable experience in Kiev as there is a great number of shops and boutiques with a wide range of cloths. Shopping for clothes is extremely popular in Ukraine. Ukrainian women pay a great deal of attention to their wardrobe and what fills it.

Clothes range is represented by famous and so much famous brands from all over the world. In Kiev shops you will find garments and foot ware from Turkey, France, Italy, London, Baltic countries, United States and some local brands.


Places for shopping

Below you will find addresses for major shopping malls and places for shopping in Kiev. Meanwhile let me briefly introduce you to the range of choice for shopping in Ukraine


Small Shopping Outlets (outlets next to the metro, out in the air)

Small shopping outlets are particularly popular near exits from metro stations, particularly metro stations remote from the centre. Small outlets sell inexpensive garments and foot wear and usually don’t give you a receipt. Countries with high quality can be hardly expected among the countries of origin of the commodities. Most of the products in small outlets come from China or Turkey at best. The privilege that the customer finds in the small outlets is reflected in price which is lower than in large shopping centre. However ,this is not always true as shopping malls regularly offer things on sales and do major sale offs every time when new collection arrives. So in reality you have more chances buying thing of better quality for lower price in a shopping mall rather than in a small outlet.

Large Shopping Malls

Kiev has many large shopping malls and there are few that stand out from others.

Dream Town (Obolon or Minskaya metro stations)

Ocean Plaza (Lybedskaya metro station)

Shopping centre “CITY” at Petrivka metro

Shopping mall “Alta Cetre” at Petrivka metro

Shopping centre at Levoberezhnaya metro station

In large shopping malls you can find a diverse range of clothing, garments and footwear at a wide range of prices. Many of the stores regularly offer cloths on sales. Major sale offs take place in January-February (winter sale-off).


Open Markets

Open clothes markets are similar to the small outlets in quality of products and sources of the supply (countries of origin). Normally quality of the products sold on the open clothes markets is not good and the one should not expect natural materials in the garments.


Elite shopping

In Kiev there are expensive boutiques representing famous brands. Most of them are located in the most prestigious shopping malls such as Dream Town and Ocean Plaza and in the centre of the city on Kreshchatik Street.