If you happen to be in Kiev for a week or a few days we recommend that you take the opportunity to visit and see these places as they represent Kiev from its different sides. Kiev entertaining, Kiev exotic, Kiev unique, Kiev architectural and Kiev historical

Kiev entertaining

blockbusterHelen-Marlen-2-v-Ocean-Plaza1dream_town_outsideEntertainment of course is the thing that you will find in every country. However if you are alone or with friends in Kiev why not to have a good time? Particularly if you are on vacation. When else is the best time to try some fun and relax?

So for entertainment and just fun go to

Blockbuster. It is a big entertainment centre with bowling, carting, shooting, pull and visual games and many other fun things to do such as mirror maze or upside down house…. The address for Blockbuster: 34V Moskovskyi Avenue. Go to the Ocean Plaza to watch sharks. Ocean Plaza is a huge shopping centre with a big aquarium in the wall. It is famous because of the sharks who live in the wall aquarium.  The address for Ocean Plaza: 176 Gorkogo Str. If you want to shop or window shopping, or you like being surrounded by tons of glass, marble, nice smiling people and dressed mannequins then your way is to Dream Town which is another shopping centre in Kiev. There is also an aqua park in there on the second floor. The address for Dream Town: 1B Obolonskyi Avenue.


Kiev exotic


Mamaeva Sloboda is the place reconstructing and representing National Ukrainian style. Mamaeva Sloboda is a reconstructed Ukrainian village. If being in Ukraine you want to go to the place which exists nowhere else in the world and you want to bring unique memories and pictures about traditions and National style then Mamaeva Sloboda is the place.

Mamaeva10Traditions and history of Ukraine is connected with Cossacks and farming. Handicrafts and embroidery in particular represents National ornamental style. There you will see interiors of typical Ukrainian village houses which the majority of the population still lives in and taste true Ukrainian cuisine. There you will see National Ukrainian dressing style which has lots of embroidery and flower wreath with coloured strips for girls. Mamaeva8Men traditionally wore wide pants of different colour belted with a fine string or silk strip. Both men and women wore white shirts which traditionally were embroidered down the neck and on the shoulders and down the arms. Women wore plenty of nice decorations such as necklaces and earrings.

If you go to Mamaeva Sloboda on weekend or one of the National holidays then most likely there will be a life performance or Cossacks show on horses, or dancing in the national style or jumping over the fire (which is a traditional ritual in Ukrainian culture in some summer and spring holidays).

Pirogovo is another place similar to Mamaeva Sloboda which reconstructs rural style of Ukrainian farmers with their dwelling, houses and utensils. Pirogovo is another reconstructed Ukrainian village.


Kiev unique

Sunrise_bridgeKiev is the unique city because of its old history not realized yet by European countries and also because of its great river the Dnieper. The Dnieper and the location of Kiev is unique because it is built on seven hills and the Dnieper forms lots of islands and peninsular within Kiev itself. Because of the Dnieper there are over than eight bridges built in Kiev uniting two banks, the right bank and the left bank. Staying on a bridge you can capture a breathtaking view or picture to take with you to your friends at home. Bridges are in all parts of the city as the Dnieper penetrates Ukraine with its many small rivers and creeks. Kiev is the city with lots of channels and the parks around them. The banks of the river in some areas form quays and covered in concrete. There is an Obolon quay and River port quay and Rusanovka quay which are excellent places for promenade.

Trypilska Culture


If you have some time visit a museum of Trypilska Culture which is believed to be one of the first civilizations on Earth even earlier than Egypt ancient civilization. Trypilska Culture was centred on the territory of Ukraine and had cities of 10 000 population with drain and gutters 2 centures BEFORE the development signs of Egypt civilization.


trip_cult7trip_cult6If you like sports and water sports in particular then in your few days visit you can also come to outdoors sport club “The Most” which is located in one of the parks just on the bank of the Dnieper and next to the Moscow Bridge, one of largest bridges in the city. The club offers windsurfing, boat tugging and many other sport activities on its territory.


Kiev architectural and historical


Of course take a tour to the most prominent places around the city. The most important places are “Park Slavy (The Victory Park)”, “Rodina Mat” (The Mother) sculpture holding a sword (it is the tallest decorative architectural construction in Ukraine). The sculpture was built to remind about the feat by Ukrainian solders during the Second World War who fought in the cruel and bloody battle on the bank of the Dnieper which took hundreds of thousands of deaths. The official figures present the number of 420 thousand of deaths during crossing the Dnieper during the fight for liberation of Kiev in 1943. But the real figure is much greater and some historians say about up to a 1 million deaths worth of the victory in Kiev. The witnesses say that the Dnieper was red of blood in that day. Park_slavyThe fascists occupied Kiev and took the best places on the banks of the Dnieper. Soviet solders had to cross the Dnieper at the nonstopping fire of fascists troops. The documents say that to cross the segment of the Dnieper of 200 meters length only at one occasion there were 25 000 of people sent and only 5 000 reached the other bank. There was no time to make floats and the tanks went to the other bank on the Dnieper on its floor. The tank men and their crew sealed the hatches and drove the tanks on the bottom of the Dnieper to the other side.

Rodina_mat2Lavra is another place to visit even if you are staying for a few days. Lavra is one the most powerful and well known religious places on Earth. It is famous for its history and also for the monks who lived in the catacombs and cells under the ground on the Dnieper banks and died in the fame of faith by starvation. Many of the mummies of the monks are believed to have a huge healing power.

Kiev at night

Take your time to go on a night city tour. Kiev at night is as much beautiful as different as during day time. Lots of illumination, lights and diodes signs and road lamps make Kiev at night one of the amazing and beautiful cities in the world.