Kiev is a great city with a great number of things to do. It has large shopping malls and entertainment centres, restaurants and bars, museums and exhibitions, sport clubs and yoga clubs, parks, swimming pools and many other things to do be it painting or singing or dancing

What is life like in Kiev in summer

Kiev-beach2In summer in Kiev most people take vacation and leave to the summer resorts like Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, even Africa and at least the Crimea (the Crimea is national resort of Ukraine at the shore of the Black Sea). But those who don’t leave and stay in Kiev in summer also do things to relax.

Sunny and popular places

kofe-hausThere are many river beaches next to the Dnieper, open and closed beaches, there are restaurants-ships set afloat on water, there are numerous cafés, dance podiums, karaoke bars, water attractions, small rollercoaster, twisters, paintball games, carting and many other ways to kill time.

There is a huge island in Kiev named Hydro park which turns into the land of entertainment and attractions in summer.

Outdoors sports

Sport_club_outdoors  Skateboard2

  SkateboardThere is a sport complex or rather outdoors sport club next to the water which offers basically any kind of sports available in summer including water skiing, tug boating, diving, kayaking. In this sport club you can rent a row boat, an engine boat, a catamaran, a skateboard, a bike and any equipment.

Rafting, hitchhiking and mountain climbing is also possible in Ukraine but is usually practiced in other regions of Ukraine. However, in Kiev you can a join a team or find the instructor and practice on the Dnieper or in gym.

In Kiev in summer many people go camping in the nearby city parks. People go camping for a day or for a week or for a month. Just about 1 hour walk on foot or about 20 minutes drive from the centre of the city there you will find a place to swim, to hitchhike, to make a barbecue or ride a bike.



Night life

Those who love city entertainment can be rest assured as there is a plenty of night life to enjoy. There are dancing clubs and discos. If you go to the disco it is better to come past 11 pm as the most busy time at the discos in Kiev starts past 11 pm.

Discos are open every day, the entrance fee ranges from USD 5 to 15, it is usually smaller for girls and sometimes entrance for girls is for free. Sometimes the entrance cost also includes a drink.








What is life like in Kiev in winter?


In winter weather conditions and shorter daytime make indoors activities the most popular entertainment.

Indoors activities


Rolledrom2There are plenty of other indoor activities. Usually the one can find them in the entertainment centres or huge shopping malls. There you will find

Bowling, carting, skating rings, skiing rings, tag wars, mirror maze, ping pong, wall climbing, various table games, 3D attractions and other activities.


One of the most popular entertainment is cinema, however, the movies are in Ukrainian or Russian language. There are no movies in English in cinema, unfortunately. However, there is a wide range of DVDs of the latest Hollywood production. Sometimes Ukrainians get to watch new movies even before they let in the distribution in other counties and in the country of origin in particular.

What is everyday life in Kiev like?


Normally people get up at about 6 – 8 am, get ready their family for work/school/kindergarten. Many Ukrainian women cook and feed the family at home. So the morning in many Ukrainian families start with breakfast. Then a mother or father takes a kid(s) to kindergarten or school and goes to work. Some people live with the parents in which case the grandma helps to look after children and usually takes care of a child during the day.

Most of the offices work until 6 or 7 pm and so do most of the people. After work people take public transport or cars to get back to home and on their way they might stop by some supermarket to buy food to cook at home. People in Ukraine eat out less than in other countries. Home food is more favored here. Many families live with the grandparents and so there is always somebody who cooks at home. However, of course people do eat out sometimes, maybe once in a week, less or more frequent. However, it is more for pleasure rather than for a real meal. Normally people have lunch in some restaurants.


In the evenings people might do their hobbies, go to some sport clubs, yoga lessons or any other courses. Or watch TV at home. And usually people go to bed not later than 11 pm.

On the weekend people clean the apartment, go to the supermarkets, go out with family, get together, see friends, do hobbies.


Things you can do in Kiev

So what things can you do in Kiev? What is appealing to you?

Meet new friends


Kiev is definitely a good place to make new friends as people are friendly here, very open and educated. The lifestyle, the way of thinking, the way of dressing, the way of building the friendship and relations is very similar with those in other European countries.

Many people, especially the youth know English at the level sufficient to start communication. So being in Kiev makes it easy to establish new connections, meet new friends. The young people and mature people know well all the new technology and breakthroughs in the world.

Where can you meet new friends? Here are a few places which is up to you to choose according to your interests

Among skateboarders in skateboarding clubs


Skateboarding is extremely popular in Kiev. There are many small group and sport communities of teenagers that train their skateboarding skills on the city streets and special places where they practice their extreme stunts.

Skateboarders love training at the Independence Square, the main square of Ukraine and Kiev. The cascades of the staircases on the Independence Square provide the desired level of extreme to do solar circle and jumps on the border and edging of the Independence Square architecture.

There is also a Mariinsky Park located in the centre of the city. Skateboarders also like its hills and trails for the smooth asphalt and diverse landscape.

Roller skaters also like Mariinsky park very much.

Among roller skaters in roller skating clubs

Roller skating is another kind of pleasure very popular in Ukraine among youth.

Roller skaters get together in parks, on the stadiums, on the quays and on the main square – the Independence Square to roller skate


bike_kievbike_marathon2Among bikers in bike clubs

Bike riding as a sport activity becomes more and more popular in Kiev every year. Ever greater number of people buy bikes and spend their leisure time biking on the streets or in the parks. After work you will see people biking on the streets in summer.

There are also bike tours to any other regions of Ukraine, including wild nature and mountain biking.

It is very easy to enter bike club. Anybody can become a biker in Ukraine. The only thing you need is to know how to ride a bike. You can buy or rent a bike and explore either Kiev streets or join bike club and go on a tour.


Among hitchhikers

Hitchhiking is popular in Ukraine. People go on tours to the Carpathian mountains, to the lakes and other places.

veliki2 hitchhiking

Among kayak people in kayak clubs


Kayaking and rafting is another type of sport which grows more and more popular in Ukraine every year. You can do kayaking in Kiev on the Dnieper. In the outdoors sports clubs like “The Most” you can rent equipment and get an instructor on kayaking. To go rafting you will have to order a tour to some mountain and hills rivers in Ukraine like Dniester or Severskiy Donets.

Among amateur and professional dancers in dancing community

dancingDancing is another leisure which is extremely popular in Ukraine. There are dance studious where you can learn all sorts of dancing styles including Salsa, Rumba, Tango, Break, Hip Hop, ball dancing and other.

There are open air dancing parties held in Kiev in summer. The entrance is free, anybody can join. These parties are organized by dancing schools or dancing disco clubs. One of the most popular Latin dancing disco club is “Caribbean”. It is always full of people and its distinguishing characteristic is that they play Latin music there and give dance lessons before the disco.

Among funs of yoga


Yoga was extremely popular in Ukraine a few years ago and still is popular as a sport activity, particularly in winter when all other types of sports such as biking, windsurfing, kayaking or hitchhiking are unavailable.

Yoga sessions are affordable and you can find yoga club along with gymnastics or aerobics in almost any district of Kiev.

Enjoy fireworks in Kiev on holidays

Ukrainians love holidays and one of the favorite attributes of holiday is firework. Fireworks are given for free by local authorities at every big holiday. The more significant the holiday the greater the firework. There are fireworks that last for 20 minutes sometimes. Usually fireworks can be seen from the Independence Square or Park Peremogy on the hills where people book places in advance to enjoy for salute.

Learn how to ice skate


Ukraine and its winter is an excellent place to learn how to ice skate if you did not know how before. There is an open skating ring in almost every shopping mall and also there are skating rings outside. The outdoors skating rings are usually created by people on the frozen lakes and city channels.


Learn Russian language and sing in an amateur choir in Russian or Ukrainian language

Ukraine has a mixed language population of both Ukrainian and Russian. However, almost everybody knows Russian and the majority of the population speaks Russian here. The subjects in schools and universities are taught in Ukrainian, but spoken language on the streets is Russian most of the time. Particularly it is true for Kiev.

Take pictures and lifestanding memories about winter snow falls in Kiev


Ukraine and its winters provide experience hard to meet elsewhere in the world. Pictures taken in Ukraine on the streets and stories about Ukrainian lifestyle will be a surprise for your friends and family in your own country.

For the girls. Explore your skills and abilities in cooking. You might turn out to be an inborn cook. Ukrainian lifestyle and traditions lends to it