About Ukraine

The Catch about Ukraine

Ukraine has a lot to offer and many places to visit

  • Ukraine has access to the Black Sea in the Crimea peninsular. The Crimea is a lovely place for summer holidays and vacations.
  • Ukrain has the Carpathian Mountains which make best ski resourt.
  • Ukraine is rich in numerous deposits of natural resources in its eastern region.
  • Ukraine has castles and palaces Kamenets-Podolsky Fortress, Khotyn Fortress, Podgoretsky Castle, Olessky castle, Palace in Chernovtsy, Ostrog and other. Many of them have unique value nowhere found. For example, Podgoretsky castle is a mini copy of Louvre built 30 years earlier than Louvre.

Industrial tourism

Ukraine is the richest from the Post Soviet countries in natural resources. Natural deposits of coal, salt and magnesium rank Ukraine among the top world supplies of this fuel and mineral resources. There are few places like that on the planet.

Soledar salt mines are open to tourists. The salt deposits are the sediment on the ancient ocean bed existed 200 million years ago. Both foreign tourists and Ukrainians are invited to descend to the ocean bed and walk on the salt floor, alongside of the salt walls under the salt ceiling. Besides its ammusement qualities, this trip also has a rehabilitative effect as salt vapors contain all important minerals and exude strong health improving effect.