obolon9Obolon Quay

Obolon Quay is the place where you can feel as if at the sea coast some summer night. There are milliards of lights from the skyscrapers, street poles and restaurant which are numerous at the bay. Remote music is coming from each corner of the bay and even from the water from boats which are patrolling the Dnieper. The air in the bay is filled with barbecue fragrant mixed with scents of expensive perfumes, pop corn, Chinese sticks and beer.

There is a beach just a few meters from the bay where people sunbase all day long and then shift their location to the nearestobolon8 restaurant or disco. At the beach the one can rent a boat or catamaran for an hour or more and go into the Dnieper. The boats the one can rent range from a yacht, a motor boat to a simple fishing paddle boat.

You'll never find anywhere so many girls in expensive cloths as in Obolon.      

Sometimes the dance studio arranges free dance lessons at the bay and every volunteer can learn a few steps if they manage to keep up with the pace of the instructor of course.

There are skateboarders screening the bay back and force and the one only has to stay alarmed of their sudden intrusion.

The beach protrudes far beyond the concrete moorings into the debris of Obolon bay. There are many small restaurants along the way all offering a barbecue and some delicious Georgian cuisine.

You can find your way to the Obolon Quay in just 10 minutes of walk from Obolon or Minska metro.