River port

River_portThe river port is the place where you can take a trip on a boat alongside the Dnieper banks.

River port is a very lively place in Kiev in summer.

Every weekend from noon to the midnight ships and boats are shuffling back and force departing and mooring to the river port moorings.

On the weekends the ships take off for a trip every 15 minutes or half an hour and the administration announces through the loudspeaker about the nearest departing crews.

In June it is traditionally the place for the graduation parties of the high school graduates who take their turns class by class to celebrateRiver_port6 their final trip on a big boat alongside the Dnieper banks and into the adult life.  

The boats are equipped with the bar, a restaurant and usually they play music loudly and throw a dancing party on board.

Depending on their route, some boats take a 1 hour trip along the Dnieper, others travel for several hours with the stop at some Ireland and allowing passengers to swim in the river in hot days and some travel even to the other towns within close proximity to Kiev.

The prices range between 40 to 80 hrivna for the trips within Kiev.

The river port is located at the Pochtova Ploscha metro station and you can inquire more information by calling these phones

462-50-19, 425-12-68