submarine4Classified Submarine Soviet Union Base

In just 15 kilometers from Sevastopol there is one of the most ancient settlements in the Crimea peninsula Balaklava. Besides outstandingly breathtaking landscape, here you’ll find remains of Genua Fortification Chembalo and ancient temples. However, the major site of attraction are underground facilities with innumerable labyrinths and 600 meters channel for nuclear submarines. It is the legacy from the Soviet Union and its armament program developed in the competition with the USA.

In the late 50th years of the previous century the USSR and USA were evolved in the completion targeting to outstrip each other in terms of quantity of the nuclear armament, nuclear bombs, warheads, rackets and torpedoes. It was then that Stalin issued a confidential order to Beria to locate the appropriate place and build at that place a secret base for submarines in order to repulse a nuclear attack at any moment. The choice was made in favour of Balaklava. The city was immediately transferred into the classified object and it never was even displayedsubmarine3 on the map of the Crimea until the Soviet Union has collapsed.

The project of Balaklava underground submarine repair plant was scrutinized and endorses by Stalin personally.

Submarine base or conspiracy object 825:

  • the construction started in 1957 and was finished by 1961;
  • it was built by the solders in the beginning and then the forces of metropolitan constructors from Moscow, Tbilisi and Kharkov were engaged in the construction
  • as a result of construction a submarine repair and maintanence plant and anti nuclear weapon shelter of the first category protection level were built with 3000 people holding capacity and autonomic functioning for 30 days
  • the thickness of the cliff soil above the shelter is 126 meters at the highest point
  • there were 9 submarines (8+ one in the dock) of the model construction 613 and 633;
  • the length of the channel is 505 m; the width of the water surface ranging from 6 to 8,5; the depth varying from 6 to 8,5
  • the plant and mini-torpedo part are still closed for visitors. The open parts are arsenal, dock and the channel in the area of the dock.

submarine9General view from the Balaklava bay. The bay enters the Black Sea, it has a port, a town landscape and mountains….. In the centre of the bay is the mountain hill which is the roof for arsenal, the channel and the submarine repair and maintenance plant.

The underground plant was built in conformance to the 1 category of attack resistance and with the soil punching of high security and safety. The plant had large operating facilities with a completely water proof dock and underground channel capable of mooring simultaneously up to eight submarines. All the infrastructure of the plant was isolated from the external world by the underwater locks. The combatsubmarine10 submarines were repaired / had their maintenance and went out at sea through a separate channel. In order to maintain conspiracy the submarines were allowed to go in and out only one by one at a time. Considering that the side plates of the submarine were frequently replaced, it was near to impossible to count real number of the submarine in the base.

The whole object with a powerful system of locks and supply is the only unique in the whole world example of military conspiracy from the Cold War. For over 30 years (from 1960 to 1990) nobody from the local citizens had got even a clue about a classified base Object No.825 GTS in the classified documents which officially was named a City Telephone Station.

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