Space study with Astronomic Observation in Kiev

space-flightAstronomic Observatory of T.G. Shevchenko Kiev National University is quite popular among local people. The one can come here to enjoy the beauty of the sky, to look at the space.... and simply go step by step through the history of development of space science in old Russian empire, in the Soviet Union and later in Ukraine.

For example you can look at the antiques telescope of the 19th century. This telescope is located on Kiev meridian and it was officially representing the astronomic position of the city in the 19th century.

The Observatory was built in 1845 year to make the foundation for the development of astronomic studies in Kiev. Some devices have remained from that time and demonstrate the progress the space science has made since that.

There are active telescopes in the Observatory. The visitors may use them to observe the sky. However, on the condition that they come at night and that the sky is clear.

In order to get the excursion you’ve got to agree your visit with the administration of the Observatory by the phone 486-23-91, 486-26-91


3 Observatornaya Street

The nearest metro station


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