Discovering Universe in Ukraine

tel_01If you want to look at the sky and even at the Universe, there are places in Ukraine to do this.

You are welcome to the National Observatory of Ukraine. Are you eager to discover space? Do you want to know more about life on Mars?

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to discover a new planet!

You can look at the stars, galaxies and other planets through the telescopes in the Observatory.

But to do so you’ve got to come to the Observatory at night!

On the premises of the observatory you’ll see multiple telescopes of different shape and size; you’ll familiarize yourself with many devices serving to open up and to bring closer the Universe to us.

If you want to attend the Observatory you’ve got to plan your visit in advance, call and schedule your visit with the personal of the Observatory. Or we will gladly do it for you!


The National Observatory is located in Goloseevsky district basically in the forest. So it is better to call for a taxi if you want to get there. The address is 27 Academic Zabolotny Street

Tel.: +(380) 44 526-3110