swimSwimming pools in Kiev

Swimming is a very popular sport in Ukraine considering the fact that Ukraine has the third by the greatness river in Europe, the Dnieper and access to the Black Sea. This along with long winters typical to Ukraine makes water sport, water entertainment and water recreation activities popular in Ukraine.

In Kiev you can find swimming pools in many districts of the city. We recommend you the most popular and well-reputed.

Palace of Diving Sports

This swimming pool is known as the Palace of Diving Sports because in the past it was a famous sport base and still is for training of youth in water sports. The swimming pool is quite large, has a comfortable hair-drying area and even a cafeteria.

The swimming pool requires a medical certificate, however, you can undergo a medical check-up and receive a certificate in the facilities on the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is offering a large range of services starting from a simple swimming to aqua aerobics and diving.

Description of the swimming pool

10 lanes of 50 m

Depth 1.4 m -5.3 m

Jumping board 3,5,7,10 m

The audience seats with holding capacity of 300 viewers

Water temperature is 27 C

Open hours

Monday-Saturday: 07:00 - 22:00

Sunday: 09:00 - 17:00

A single occasion fee

60 UAH to the adults for 60 minutes session

150 UAH is the cost of the individual training session with the instructor


2/3 Sergienko Str. (Leningradskaya Square)


swim2The name of the next swimming pool is “Vodnik”. It is located on the right bank of the city, in Podol district.

Description of the swimming pool

6 lanes of 25 m

Depth from 1.5 m to 5 m

Water temperature is 26 C

A fee for a single occasion

55 UAH for 45 minutes for adults

The monthly fee

450 UAH for three times a week sessions

Sessions with the instructor

100 UAH


63 Voloshskaya Str.