missile_museumThe Missile Base Museum in Ukraine

The Missile Base Museum in Ukraine is a great opportunity for you to walk by the dreadful military secret weapons which were dreaded by America and the rest of the world. 

Before Ukraine declared its non-military status after getting its independence in 1991, as a part of the USSR it was important strategic military point.

There were many nuclear energy sources on the territory of Ukraine as well as scientific research institutes which task was to develop new weapons and methods of defense. As a part of Soviet Union system, Ukraine received great financing to maintaine reseaches, to build military objects most of which were classified. Formally classified military objects as the Soviet Union legacy are in abundance in Ukraine, even though most of them became known to the public way after the collapse of the USSR.

Missile_base_museum_ICBMDuring the Soviet times secret military objects were absolutely not known to the public. In general, the government did not share its plans about national defense and sometimes people did not know the actual purpose of simple and common objects. For example, many metro stations in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, were built with the view to becoming safety military objects and bunkers in case of military evasion.

There were whole plants and nuclear weapons warehouses hidden under the ground. The museum of missiles and nuclear weapon in Ukraine is one of such places.

In the exhibition you’ll see the real missiles (only deactivated) some of them dozens of times exceeding the height of the human body. You’ll get a chance to go down into the deep concrete well to the operational room and look at the dashboard with the red button on it which would activate any missile if needed.

The museum is the great place of attraction to thousands of tourists yearly because it is the second of only two museums in the world. The one is in the United States and another is in Ukraine.  


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