skating_ringSkating rings in Kiev

There are numeral skating rings in Kiev which become particularly popular in winter time. Some of the skating rings are the part of the entertainment offered by large shopping malls like Blockbuster, Karavan etc. Some of the skating rings operate as separate sport centres and provide a base for athletes trainings and numerous youth sport sections. However, there are open days when everybody is allowed to skate on the ice for a fee. Few of the skating rings are located just under the sky.

And as soon as the frost sets in, there are many “public” skating rings on local canals and lakes made by the efforts of people. The ice on the rings of this type is excellent but the disadvantage is that they are highly dependent on the temperature which in Ukraine sometimes jumps below and above zero during the winter. It must be 10 below zero outside for the ice on the pond to freeze strongly, while in the indoors rings the ice is artificial plus the refrigerators are working underneath of the floor.

There are outdoors skating rings in Kiev which collect entrance fee. The most famous outdoors skating ring is on the main Independence Square. There is also a ring in Hydropark and a few more in other districts.

There are indoor skating rings in almost any large shopping mall or entertainment centre.

All paid skating rings usually give skaters for rent. However, chances are high that you’ll get broken or skates or skates with blunt blades. There is also difference between figure skates, long distance skates and hockey skates and if you take pleasure in one of these sports you might want to enjoy it fully with your own skates.

The most popular skating rings in Kiev are

  • In entertainment centre Blockbuster (20 minutes of walk from Petrovka metro station or two bus stops)


  • Private skating ring at Petrovka "Katok" metro station, the same direction as to Blockbuster but on the other side of the road, across the lake. As you cross the bridge to the other side of the road you’ll see a big tent on the other side of the lake. That is the ring. It maintains professional trainings which are mostly in the morning, but during the daytime it is open to the public. Anyway you have to check with the schedule before coming.


  • ATEK is a professional skating ring where the figure skating team and hockey players hold their trainings. However, the ring is open to the public in special hours (Tuesday through Friday from 19.00 to 21.30 and on weekend all day from the noon, 10-15 minutes from metro Svyatoshyn)


  • In а shopping mall Karavan (10 minutes by the bus from Obolon metro station)

  • In entertainment centre Dreamtown (Minskaya metro station, Obolon district)


  • Professional skating ring at the National Skating Field under the sky (The ring is open only contingent upon the temperature holding 5 below zero for a minimum 3 days)


  • In Hydropark (also dependent on the outside temperature)