Dreamtown is the major entertainment complex in Kiev located in Obolon district. Actually, there are two of them in the same district. In the Dreamtown you will find shopping mall, restaurants and entertainment facilities. There are a roller ring, an ice skating ring, a bowling, a pull, an aquapark, car racetrack and even curling. Cinema is also there. That is not to include countless entertainment facilities for children like automatic animals riding, rope climbing, jumping and other entertainment for kids and adults such as karaoke singing. There is a dinosaur room with the replicas of dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park. Add to that a unique decoration for the each floor and with all that you’ll receive the major modern shopping mall in Ukraine.

Open hours

Different sections and entertainment facilities of Dreamtown vary in their open hours, however, generally they start at 12 and work until midnight (skating ring, cinema) or 2 a.m. (bowling, pull).

Entertainment centre is open every day.


1-B Obolon Avenue

The nearest metro station is Minskaya. The mall is in two minutes of walk from the metro.


Dreamtown for kids. Just across the Dreamtown for adults there is the same mirroring building only for kids. The whole half a kilometer building with all and any toy, clothes and other stuff for kids.