russian_artKyiv Museum of Russian Art

The framework of collection displayed in Kyiv Museum of Russian Art is the art expropriated from rich people during Soviet revolution. The collection included paintings and many statues. A particularly large share of exposition attributes to a private collection of famous Ukrainian philanthropist Fedor Tereshchenko and his family. Basically, Kyiv Museum of Russian Art is situated in the mansion which belonged to the family of Tereshchenko and the statues that greet you in the hall were in his house. Private collection of art that was into possession of this family was so great that after expropriation it was divided between many museums to make a start but the Kyiv Museum of Russian Art in Tereschenkovskaya street enjoyed the most share of it.

Kyiv Museum of Russian Art has to show the art paintings by Shishkin, Kramskoy, Repin, Vasnetsov, Polenov, Vrubel and Fedotov and many others. Besides these paintings, the museum has invaluable collection of china and hand-painted dinner sets and 18 and 19 century furniture. There are also exhibitions of works by contemporary Ukrainian artists held regularly.   

Open hours:

Tuesday, Friday 11.00 – 19.00

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 10.00 – 18.00

Monday, Thursday are closed

The nearest metro stations are “Lva Tolstogo”, “Universitet” and “Teatralnaya”

9 Tereshchenkovska str.