Where to shop in Kiev

Foreigners who have already come to Ukraine and stay in Ukraine for a certain amount of time find themselves in the need to shop for some commonly used items like clothing, kitchen utilities etc. This article is dedicated to those staying in Kiev and it describes most popular marketplaces in Kiev.

Marketplace in Kiev is a large space. There are hundreds of shopping malls, hundreds of thousands of sales points, open markets, flea markets, retail stores, wholesale places, finally, there is an e-Commerce and it takes a huge share of the market. So, where do you basically go shopping? What is the most profitable place from the price & product combination standpoint? Where is the most convenient place for shopping in Ukraine and in Kiev in particular?

Well, all depends on the product you want to buy. So we will start by going from product to product by their category. 


You probably already know that there is an underground shopping mall in the downtown of Kiev, called “Metrograd” which offers a wide range of products like clothing or presents or books. You’ve probably know that you can entry this shopping mall from Lva Tolstogo subway and from Bessarabka Square. There is also a similar underground mall at the Independence Square. But that’s what you’ve probably already know. So we will talk about other places in Kiev where you can shop and save a few pennies for your trip to another city or for a city tour!

There are a few popular open markets in Kiev selling clothes and all kinds of domestic products like home gadgetry, kitchen utensils, bed clothes you name it.

  • Boutiques
  • Shopping mall at Petrovka “Gorodok” where you can buy almost any piece of cloth you want.
  • Shopping mall “Dreamtown” at Minska metro station (Obolon district). It is a huge and luxurious shopping and entertainment centre. It has a skating ring, a roller-skating ring, bowling etc.
  • Troeschina Market

It is the oldest clothes market in Kiev. It is on the fringes of the city, at one of the most remote districts of Kiev, Troeshchina. It used to be the least expensive market in the city but in the past few years it lost this status. However, many people still go to Troeshchina market for shopping mostly because of its convenience. Over there you’ll find any kind of domestic product or clothing or footwear in one place. There sells winter coats, sweaters, jumpers, jerseys, jeans and all kind of wear made of denim. You’ll find winter boots, hats and gloves over there too.

The most convenient way to get to Troeschina market is to go from Petrovka or Chernigovskaya metro stations. There are plenty of mini-buses going to Troeschina market from Petrovka. Just make sure that the bus goes to the market exactly because many of the buses might just go through Troeshchina but following different routes.

Or you can go by mini-bus from Chernigovskay metro station (red line) to Petrovka.

Actually, because this market is quite a popular place among Ukrainians, there are plenty of mini-buses going to this market from any district of Kiev. There is surely a mini-bus going from the district where you live.

  • Market “Darynok” near Lisova metro station

It is a clothes and footwear selling market under the roof in 5-10 minutes of walk from Lisova metro station (red line).

  • Market at Akademgorodok metro station

It is an under the sky market for clothes shopping going by similarity with Troeshchina market only much smaller.

  • Flea market for clothes at Shulyavska metro station

There is a usual market for clothes shopping at Shulyavska metro station. But next to it is a flea market.


Here will be listed the places where you usually go when you need your TV replaced because you’ve dropped it on the floor or you took it the bathroom and drowned in the tub filled with water or you placed a pot with your favorite flower on it without noticing the crack in the flower pot until it flooded your TV set completely and beyond repair or for any other reason. These are the places where you can also buy a toaster, a new hair-drier, a laptop, everything from a washing machine to a flash storing device.

  • Petrovka Metro (the blue metro line)

There are few supermarkets of electronics and home appliances at Petrovks marketplace.

  1. City.com Hypermarket
  2. Eldorado
  3. Mega Max

How to find a place. There are two exits from the metro, the one leading to Petrovka book market and the one leading to the hypermarkets of electronics. It is 3-5 minute walk from Petrovka metro and if you go by metro from the downtown you have to take the right side to exit after you’ve got off the train and then take the left turn when you need to exit from the underground pass-way and take the right exit from to go up to the street. By the way, once on the street and on your way you’ll pass by the open market where you can shop for domestic products like blankets, rugs, bikes etc. Then you’ll have to cross the road underground and you will see Hypermarket City.com and Eldorado.

Books and music

The absolutely leader in terms of books sales is the book market at Petrovka. If you go by metro from the downtown you have to take the left side to exit and after you are up on the street you go in the left direction. There is a great store for specialized English literature in the right raw of Petrovka book market.

Domestic products for home repair

There are a few specialized hypermarkets in Kiev for the products for repair or redecoration of your apartment. They are usually remotely located from the metro station. And there is one most popular market for repair products. It is called

  • “Yunost”

and it is located near Chernigovska metro station (the red subway line). There is a tram going to this marketplace. And the market is located in three tram stops.

  • Kurenevsky market for domestic products at Petrovka

It used to be at the Pet Market, about 10 minutes of ride on a mini-bus from Petrovka metro station. Recently it was relocated to Petrovka. Now to find a former Kurenevsky domestic flea market you have to go through the books market on Petrovka in the end. Also keep in mind, that if you want representation of the widest range of products at the domestic market you have to go on weekend. The profile of the market is rather lower on other than weekend days.