water_musWater museum

Water informational centre was opened in 2003 in the premises of water pumping tower and reservoir in a City Park (Mariinsky Park) in Kiev. From that time it has been one of the most popular places for visiting as it tells you  everything about water.

The exhibition tells visitors about water circulation as it takes place in nature, explains human technologies for collecting water, water supply and sewage systems. Among the exhibitors are an operating model of artesian well and a sewage collector. During the excursion visitors witness glacier thawing, they are exposed to the rain occurrence conception and mechanisms of geyser eruption will be no longer mystery to them.

You will also have a chance to watch water cleaning processes take place and they will learn useful information about the factors that improve or downgrade drinking qualities of water.

Open hours

Friday through Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00

Wednesday and Tuesday subject to the preliminary sign-up

Closed days are Monday and Tuesday.

How to find the place. Water museum is located in the downtown of Kiev. Take a European Square as your start up point (the beginning of Kreschatik, "Dnipro" hotel) and start ascending up the hills of Mariinsky Park. Soon you will see the tower displayed in the picture.