What to do in Ukraine


  • Eat Ukrainian borscht. When you come to a restaurant in Ukraine and if you want to try the first distinguishing national meal inLvov_police Ukraine, then you should order borscht. To set your heart at peace, borscht is totally harmless for your stomach as it normally contains no strong spices, fat or specific products. Instead, it is made of broth, cabbage, potato, tomatoes, beet and carrot. Borscht is served with sour cream and little pies iced with garlic sauce (the last is optional).

    Each housekeeper in Ukraine has her own recipe for borscht. Some cook it on chicken broth, other prefer pork or beef ribs, some make borscht in a multiprocess including frying the vegetables and some prefer to put everything fresh. The skills of a housekeeper in Ukraine are primarily accessed depending on the quality of her borscht. It is really a traditional meal and has been a basic dish for generations in Ukraine. Kievo-Pecherskaya_Lavra2
  • Kiss a Ukrainian woman on a street. It is optional and since the auther has not tested this advice, the consequences are unknown.
Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra
  • Walk up Kievo-Pecherskaya Bell Tower (Kiev City). Until the beginning of the 20th century, Kievo-Pecherskaya Bell Tower was the tallest building not only in Ukraine, but in all Russian Empire.


      Wall paintings

  • Try to decode inscriptions on the wall paintings in St. Sophia Cathedral left by our ancestors. St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the oldest Christian spiritual constructions remained to the present time. It is protected as UNESKO heritage. Though we all know from early age that it is very bad to dirt any walls there are many signatures left on the walls of Sophia Cathedral by the contemporaries of Sophia. Many of the “signatories” were of highest rank and position. 
  • Decrypting these signatures is the most fascinating work for archeologists and scientists. Some of the signatures attribute to the Great Dukes of Kievan Rus. In these inscriptions they usually asked for little favors for themselves and their business affairs.

        The deepest well in the world

  • Look in the deepest well in the world (Kamenets-Podolsky city). Nobody would expect that the deepest well in the world is located in the absolutely stony area of a city built totally from the stone and on stone. From the outside the well is very simple and not eye-catching. It resembles a humble shed. Fascinating is the story about appearance of this well. There is a hint. If you drop a coin in the deepest well in the world you will see a firework-like sparks, maybe the only time in the life not in the sky but under the ground.
         Medieval Drug-StoreA_ship
  • Go to a Drug-store museum in Lvov which is pretty amazing as it preserves the unique style of a medieval drug-store with the magical powders for happiness, dried frogs for good health and spells to attract money.

         Soviet Classified

     Submarine Base

  • Visit the Soviet Classified Submarine Base, the Crimea Canyon and the Crimea caves. There were many secret places and military objects in Ukraine during the Soviet time. Even subway stations were built with the backthought to serve as military objects to protect citizence if necessary.Eski-Kermen-Crimean-photos

      Khan Palace in Bakhchisaray and

      the City in the Stone

  • Go to Khan Palace in the Crimea. Khan Palace in Bakhchisaray was the stellite of the Turkish Empire.

       Catacombs in Odessa

  • Visit catacombs in Odessa city. Odessa is the sea-port city which soaked up many different cultures and is a melted pot of the cultures, mostly brought in by travellers. Besides catacombs,  Odessa is famous for its numerous monuments often of curious and queer style and also for its staircase facing the sea which was recognized as one of the most beautiful staircases in Europe.
        The first urban civilization on Earth
  • Learn about the first urban civilization on Earth which was the Trypilian Civilization existed on the territory of Ukraine in the 6th – 3rd centuries BC.        Podgorets_kostel



  • Go to see Podgoretsky Castle which was the prototype for Louvre and was the most luxurious castle in Europe at the time as it was royal residence.

     Ukrainian Venice

  • Vilkovo is the place of flood plain of two huge rivers, the Danube and the Dnieper, in the Odessky Region of Ukraine. There are channels instead of streets and people commute in local wooden or motor boats. On the both sides of the channels are neat houses with their porches dipped right into the water. And there is one more cute detail. If you want to write a letter to somebody in this village then filling in the address you'll have to write “cannel” instead of convetional streets.

    Botanic Garden in the Crimea Peninsula


  • Visit the Crimean famous Botanic Garden. At present there are over 1.125 different species. 450 of them from the south-eastern Asia, 336 from the Mediterranean, 238 from the North America. Some species are from South America, South Africa and New Zeland.
  • The collection of the Botanic Garden in the Crimea is known far beyond the peninsula and Ukraine. The botanic garden corresponds with over 400 scientific societies from about 48 countries. More than 300 thousand tourists get introduced annually to its great collection.  

Visit other places in the Crimea where you'll find jagged mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, lakes and blue lagoons.

  • Drop a coin in the Dnieper to come back some time!