Ostrog The Last Frontier

OstrogIt looks as if the nature itself made every effort to protect the castle in Ostrog. Its southern and eastern walls face a steep while its northern and western sides are cut from the town by deep trenches.

The first mentioning of Ostrog castle is found in chronics in the beginning of the 12 century. This land was populated even earlier, however, the castle was founded by one of Rus Dukes, Danylo who received a nickname descending from the name of his castle, Danylo Ostrozhsky.

Probably the name “Ostrog” descended from the same world in Ancient Rus language meaning a fortress, fortification. For a long time a fortress in Ostrog plaid a key role in protection of the borders, first old Ukrainian lands and then the outskirts of Res Pospolita.

Now Ostrog is a beautiful fortress which attracts travelers to stop by and witness the mysterious and enticing outlines of a construction which used to belong to life so differentOstrog_panorama from nowadays and yet which was not so many years ago. Only six centuries separates us from contemporaries of Ostrog fortress! From the point of humanity it is less than a second. From the point of a single human life it is unattainably long and more than entirety.

There are places which are swarming with people scrambling for their job, meetings and other business. These are usually populated cities which normally have many museums and in such museums you will normally find the relics and exhibits taken from their place of origin. And this is what always embarrassed me. Does it really make the same impression to examine with all-know face some ancient stone of a pyramid as look at this stone on the place where it belongs? It was always embarrassing to look at the jewels which I was told were taken from some old settlement site or monastery or a palace. To me, no museum facilities unless justified by a very poor or absence of original site at all, can be compared with the impression made by encounter with reality.

Ostrog_panorama2And there are places like Ostrog fortress where a single look will tell you more than hundred of meters walked up and down in museums and staring at the accurate “exhibits” as they call them.

Luckily, Ostrog fortress is not an exhibit. Its outlook speaks for itself. It is a harmonically existing reality which passed down to us from time.

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