ChernovtsyChernovtsy The Jewel Of Austrian-Hungarian Empire Architecture

It would not be exaggeration to state that Chernovtsy is one of the most if not the most beautiful, harmonic, unified and complete city of Ukraine and one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

You are welcome to go on a trip to Chernovtsy with us.

Chernovtsy is the miracle not only in Ukrainian cities landscape, but also from the point of the general rules of cities formation, their size, Chernovtsy_architecture2population, the value of their cultural heritage etc. Everybody who comes to Chernovtsy would agree that the city reminds Vienna by its thoroughly thought out streets design, by the luxurious, extravagant and bountiful style of its architecture. And an accidental or purposeful traveller would naturally conclude that the city would rather be appropriate for a capital of a small but independent state rather than for the role of peripheral town. And even though Lvov ranks one step above Chernovtsy in popularity, it is only because of the larger scale and dominant social position of Lvov. However, Chernovtsy not only comparable but probably exceeds Lvov's architecture in terms of beauty, harmony and even luxury. After all, the city over a hundred years was in the composition of one of the most powerful Austrian Hungarian Empire.

A_house-ship_in_ChernovtsyThe first mentioning of Chernovtsy as a city is found in the beginning of the 15th century and this is the time celebrated as the City’s anniversary day. The history of the city developed in the leaps and bounds when it was under Moldova influence and it was lingering over a short time of alliance with Russia. The life sprang and rampantly soured after Chernovtsy went under administration of Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

The architectural constructions appear with the unbelievable speed. The key elements of the modern architectural ensemble of Chernovtsy appeared in about half of the century, some of them are a City Hall, a Post Office, The Armenian Church, The Jewish Synagogue, a Drama Theatre, The Palace of Justice and a Railway Station. Amazingly as it may seem, a little town located in the centre of Europe and at the same on the fringes of the Political Empires, a town which consisted only of about two hundred hubs under the rush roofs, this wretched town emerged from the poverty and misery and miraculously developed into one of the most auspicious, beautiful and opulent European cities.

Chernovtsy developed under the might of the Habsburgers Crown. The Emperor Franz the I, who is known as the last Emperor of the SaintSaint_Ecclesiastical_Cathedral_in_Chernovtsy Rome Empire and his style of administration to the subordinated lands among which were Chernovtsy, undoubtedly greatly contributed to the development of the city.

The prosperity of Chernovtsy doubled every year. The city developed following the principle of Roman independent police. It became an independent satellite, a city with gloss of the state, with its own traditions and culture which came in strong contrast with the culture of the surrounding settlements.

Chernovtsy was built in its modern appearance at the same time with Vienna and almost unchanged after the centuries. Their resemblance is stalking. The constellation of the most talented and admired architects worked on the creation of Chernovtsy architectural ensemble. Josef Hlávka, Oskar Lasker, Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer were engaged in the constructional development of Chernivtsy. Notably, the last two architects were the authors of about 50 theatres in Europe! They built two theatres in Ukraine. Their second work of art is the Odessa Opera House.

Chernovtsy_university3It is not surprising that one of the major and state of the art Universities in Europe was built in Chernovtsy. The part of the university ensemble was also a residence of Chernovtsy Metropolitan, eminent political figure of the time, Eugene Gakman.

The first stone in the foundation of the Metropolitan House, which is one of the names of Chernovetsky University was laid in 1875 with the endorsement and of the Emperor Franz the I.

The architectural world’s masterpiece was designed by the genius of Josef Hlávka with the help of the most eminent architects of that time.

The exteriors and interiors of the University were performed by Vienne first-class artists.

The floor of the halls of the University is ornate in a Greek style as are the wall paintings.

Each room has its specific style. The most luxurious rooms were the Marble Room and the Red Room. The parquet is made of the very expensive wood, red beech, green lime and oak. There are Venetian mirrors on the walls. In the spacious, luxurious park there are unusual and rear types of the trees and varieties foreign to the local ecosystem.

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