Why are we profitable for you?

Because when you go from Kiev to any of the cities you receive not only excursion to one particular city, you are getting the introduction in the old and modern history of Ukraine. Furthermore, each trip usually consists of more than one city on the way. For example, a trip to Lviv will include a trip to three most popular castles outside Lvov and may also include going to one or two other remarkable and popular cities near Lvov, for a very small additional fee. While it would have cost you at least twice more if you decided to go to each of these places separately. Another example is a trip to Kamenets Podolsky fortification. This trip is also designed to include a visit to another famous fortress in Ukraine, Khotyn. Each of these places is too significant to joint it in one day, and at the same time too remote from the large populated cities to travel there every day. That is why the most efficient way is to see both places in one visit. 

Whether you want to go to Odessa from Kiev, or you want to go to Lvov from Kiev, or go to the Crimea from Kiev we will help you in the most efficient way.

Even if you choose to go only for one day, on one trip, you will receive our full services support during the whole trip as opposed to any tour guide who will, normally, charge you almost the same amount for 3 hours and will leave you to manage on yourself after the 3 hours and the particular excursion is over. With us we charge for the whole day almost the same amount as you would pay on a few hours tour with the difference that we include all sightseeing points in the city of our destination, from arrival and until the departure.

It’s similar to the situation which you’ve probably observed many times in your life. It's when you go to a store and you see one price for the product, and then you go to the supermarket and you see that the same product costs considerably less.

Why is it so?

Because this is the way we operate. Because the job satisfaction also counts. Because we like this country and it is our pleasure to help its visitors to like this country too. And finally, because we’ve figured out you would like it!


In addition, you will get accommodation, transportation and the complete organizational support during the trip. In other words, during the trip you are in our complete custody and we are responsible to fulfill our obligations. We book the hotels, make arrangements about the means and ways of transport (after consulting with you), we take care of the tickets to the museums (if necessary), make inquiries about opening hours etc. We also take care of your gastronomical needs. We ensure a suitable place to have lunch / dinner and other meals of the day.