Kamenets_wallKamenets Podolsky The Best Fortification In Ukraine

We offer you a trip to Kamenets Podolsky city for a one day or two days.

The atmosphere of stone roads and stone buildings in the old part of the city will charm you completely and carry away in a different world for the time which you will spend in Kamenets.

The city has two parts, modern and old. The modern is quite similar to any modern medium size city with its “Notary” and “Hairdresser” signs, markets, newspapers and transport system. All the day in day out life is concentrated in the modern part of the city. And it is for better for the tourists.

A city in the ocean bed

The old part of the city remained totally untouched. Moreover, the old city is separated from the modern one with a large canyon which 200 million years was the cavity on the bottom of the antique ocean.


This was before the continental realignment when there were only two major continents on the planet. Now there is only a tiny river flowing on the bed of the canyon. Only enormous height and corroded, spongy rough edges of the cliffs remind of the huge content which once upon a time filled this void space between two sides of the city. Now the sides are connected with quite a long bridge. And once the bridge is crossed, a new world draws you in.

The old city of Kamenets Podolsk is built on the stone cliff surrounded by a canyon from one side and deep ditches from other sides. Everything in thisKamenets_Podolsky4  city is made of stone. The road twists and curves and swerves in the different small side streets and lanes.

In the heart of  the city is famous Kamenets Podolsky fortress

In the heart of the city is the fortress which provides a traveller with a great panoramic view from whatever side you want to look. The fortress is the top state of the art of medieval fortification. It has eight towers, wall tunnels and observation areas, gun slots and dark basements. The entrails of the fortress have entangled system of staircases, narrow passages and doors. The top observation level opens a panoramic view on the city.Tower_small_

There are more than twenty sites, buildings and museums worthwhile examination. There is the greatest collection of original Slavic idols, a great money collection in two halls, the greatest stone well, a prison and of course a St.Peter and Paul Cathedral. This Cathedral is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Another fortress Khotyn is often visited jointly with Kamenets Podolsky

Usually Kamenets Podolsky is visited jointly with a trip to Khotyn fortress which is located in the close proximity to the city. Khotyn fortress is the unique evidence of medieval fortification. The fortress has a very complex and wily system of protection. Now when the fortress is a museum the whole secretes are revealed to the tourists.

The contemporaries of Khotyn fortress have left numerous accounts and memories of the belligerent deeds and storms that the fortress withstood. It is known as a fortress which never fell.

And the wild nature

Finally, there are remains of the antique ocean which nowadays are called Tovtry located nearby Kamenets Podolsky. The area where these inexplicable natural riddles exist is exceptionally beautiful and beyond average. The area where tourists are allowed to come is bordering with the national reserve, therefore, the area is nearly wild and unpopulated. You will experience an exciting touch to the untamed and boundless nature.