Crimea_viewThe Crimea, The Black Sea Is The Best Recreation Place

We invite you to go to the Crimea on a two - five days trip to the different cities and sightseeing points.

Very few places on the world can be compared to the Crimea. Being the peninsular embraced by the Black Sea, the Crimea has a unique microclimate in its cost zone. The Crimean inland Mountains stretch along the cost area protecting it from the North Winds from the Southern side of Crimea. Winter in the Southern Crimea lasts about three months and in the coldest, January, the temperature rarely drops lower than +4 Celsius. Wide and deep bays embraced in a semi-circle of the mountain ridges keeps the sea water warm enough to swim in the southern area of Crimea even in October. In fact, many people consider the best season in the Crimea to start in the second part of September when the air is not hot, the day temperature is tolerable and the water in the sea is still warm. The steady temperature, absence of precipitations and health-beneficial air makes sun basing particularly pleasant and health-improving during this tender autumn season. Recreating in September-October in the Crimea is recommended to all people with unstable pressure or heart problems, to elderly people and pregnant women.

The summer season officially starts in the Crimea in June. However, people go to the Crimea much earlier. The first portion of touristsThe_Crimea after winter usually comes in the first dates of May which are the spring holidays in Ukraine. Usually the two holidays, the 1st of May (Day of Labour) and the 9th of May (the Victory Day, a big holiday in Ukraine) are united into a whole week with the rest working days in this week being compensated in expanse of ongoing a couple of Saturdays. It is a very popular time among Ukrainians to go to Crimea for the first time after a long winter.

While on the majority of the territory of Ukraine the ground is only starting to cover with grass, in the Crimea in the beginning of May there are gardens and lawns of flowers and the trees are boisterously blooming. In the Crimea the trees start blooming in the beginning of April and there are records of trees blooming under the particularly warm weather conditions in December, which is rather a pathology than a norm.

In July starts a top season and lasts till the 20th of August. Usually, it is the season for people who go on vacation at conventional second half of June, July and the first part of August. However, the prices in the second part of August are usually even higher by the reason of more comfortable outdoors temperature and less number of tourists.

The remarkable places & sightseeings in the Crimea or Where to spend time in the Crimea

The Crimea has a lot to offer to its tourists besides a hot sun, golden sand and pebble beaches. The Crimea has long time ago became the favourite place for the Estate constructions. Balaklava_bay8

There are many Palaces which used to belong to the members of noble society before the revolution. The palaces are usually surrounded by old gardens which present the art of professional horticulture. The specialists who designed the Alupka park, for example, had foreseen the growth of the gigantic trees and cascades of bushes for a hundred of years in advance. It is thanking to them that now we are able to enjoy great and completed views of fully grown vegetation.

There is a Botanic Garden in the Crimea with the unique collection of tens of thousands varieties. There are varieties from all over the world. An extremely favourable climate makes it possible to cultivate some species extinct or nonexistent in the area.

There are waterfalls in the mountains in Crimea. Each waterfall is different from the other in a way in which it releases the water, and hence each waterfall has its own name. The Cap Waterfall, The Silver Strings Waterfall...

There are numerous caves in Crimea. The most popular are marble caves and the caves with stalactites and stalagmites.

There are cave towns in the Crimea. Cave towns are the remains of many ancient settlements of different religions and nations that lived thousands of years earlier in the Crimea. There are caves and remains of very specific old confessions, Muslims and the Christian churches curbed in the stone.

There is a former satellite residence of Ottoman Empire, the Bakhchisaray Palace of the Crimean Khan. CrimeaCaveG

There are remains of the Genoese Fortress, and even in the several places. There were few armed Genoese settlements in the Crimea. The Genoese fortifications' citizence were merchants and armed divisions primary competing for the area of influence in this very favourably located transit region.

There are even more ancient convincing archaeological evidences of the Great Antique Greek Settlements. In fact, Chersoneses was the city of the Antique Greece. Nowthere is a museum under the sky open for tourists.

There is an extinct volcano and the boats take tourists into the open sea to look closer at the sides of the former volcano. There is dolphinarium and numerous terrariums and aqua parks in the Crimea. There is a rope way and a great number of bays and grottos. Finally, there are wine plants where you can buy a bottle of wine directly from the producer.