Seaport-OdessaOdessa The Greatest Seaport

We offer you a trip to Odessa from Kiev for a one day or two days.

Odessa is the port city and hence it is the place which like a sponge absorbed many cultures. Odessa has seen many famous visitors. There are monuments to the eminent poet Aleksandr Pushkin, to the founder of Odessa Duk de Rishele, to Russian empress Ekaterina the II, to a wife of a sailor, to a cannon, to an orange and even to a chair!

Odessa Opera House is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe!

The Potemkin Staircase is the famous place in Odessa connecting the downtown of the city with the Seaport. Name of Potemkin StaircaseUtochking_aircraft_engineer_Odessa_ was inscribed on the list of the most beautiful staircases in Europe in 2007. The staircase is also known to have an effect of distorted perspective. Travelers who come to Odessa leave the city with the impression of the huge length of the staircase… while in fact the number of stairs is… but after all, we will leave it up to you to count the stairs in Potemkin Staircase when you come to Odessa.

Another famous place attracting tourists to Odessa is Odessa catacombs which are the network of underground tunnels below Odessa. The appearance of the catacombs attributes to the industrial reasons. They are basically the stone quarries which were exploited to extract stone for development needs of the city. During the Second World War partisans used the catacombs as their cover and an excellent place for hiding. Episodes including the catacombs became the favorite movie episodes among many movie directors. They savoured setting dramatic scenes in catacombs in many modern movies, particularly thrillers and detectives. The movies reached their climax when the heroes or antiheroes hid in Odessa catacombs with a few minutes separating them from the coveted escape to a ship looming in the sea. The approximate length of the catacombs is 2-3 thousand km. Now catacombs are open for tourists.

Odessa museum of wax sculptures was founded in 1998. The exhibition displays sculptures of both historic figures and modern celebrities.A-sailor-s-wife-2

Odessa Sea port is the largest port in Ukraine. It has one of the major in Europe passenger terminal. In the 18th and 19th centuries when Ukraine was in the composition of Russian Empire, Odessa Sea port was the second in terms of goods flow. Odessa port was the main transit point handling export of corn to Europe countries and Turkey. In 1844, fifty years after the port was founded, export volume of corn in Odessa port was higher than the export volume of the same in all ports of the USA.

Those who come to Odessa might be taken by surprise by many unusual monuments in the city, one of which is the monument to the Orange. According to one of the legends, trade in oranges saved Odessa during one of severe crisis.

One of many museums attracting tourists to Odessa is a museum of money offering on display several thousands of coins and notes starting from antique to modern exhibits. 

There are also numerous state and private art museums and countless monuments, boulevards, panoramas from the Seaport and marine bays with passenger and cargo ships mooring and awaiting their time to go at sea.