Micles_Monastery2Kiev The Capital of Ukraine And One of The Oldest Cities in Europe 

Kiev is far from being just the capital of modern European country. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It played significant role in history of many developed modern countries. It was the capital of Russia when there was no Russia, and it was the capital of Ukraine when there was no Ukraine. The offsprings of Kiev Dukes got married to French and Normand royal offsprings and continued genealogic lines of many European royal families.

Kiev is not just the urban city. It is situated in one of the most picturesque place in the continental Europe amidst thick forest intermittent with wide plains, on the banks of the third greatest river in Europe the Dnieper. The beauty of landscape is hidden in the debris of megapolis. But if you go just a few kilometers outside of Kiev, you will see lands and steep banks populated so many years ago by one of the first civilization on Earth, Trypilska Culture.


Kiev is the place from which the Christian religion spread to the Baltic countries and Russia. One of the dukes Volodymyr baptized the Rus. However, even up to the nowadays the pagan traditions exist in some christian rituals and holidays.

Traditionally people in Kievan Rus and old Ukraine worshiped the Sun and the spiritual Gods that represented the forces of nature. Nature was important to Ukrainians as the harvest and their life depended on it. The ancient Ukrainians never were warriers. They worked on earth, grew harvest and cattles. Only later conflicts with Turkey Khan and with Poland kings and Russian tsars forced Ukrainian peasants to arm and defend their territory. And those were the Cossacks.

Kiev_modern_Lev_bankEven though Kiev has a lot of historical memories to reveal it is a modern city now. There are hotels with swimming pools inside and heating floor, there are night clubs and huge shopping malls with aquariums, there are luxury apartments worth over USD 1 000 000 here, a golf club, entertainment centres, art galleries and expensive gadget shops.Kiev_NY2Kiev_megapolice

Kiev has 10 districts and independent municipal city administration. Kiev is devided into two banks, the right one and the left one. The banks are united by about 7 bridges that cross the Dnieper over its two main sleeves. The downtown of the city Kreshchatic was destroyed during the II World War and it was rebuilt in the unique ornate baroque style and now it beguiles visitors with its fully developed, opulent architectural ensemble, prolific lights illuminations in the evening and night, its fountains and famous chestnut trees.

The people on Kiev streets are friendly, the women are very beautiful and many of them wear so high heels that it is difficult to comprehend how they move on such heels.

Kiev is absolutely recommended to visit for those who want to discover and explore a new, modern, stunning and surprisingly beautiful city in the world with its unique style and friendly atmosphere, which they have not been to before.