In the West of Ukraine there is located a city known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. It is Lviv (or Lvov), one of the main cities of Ukraine and one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, or may be in whole Europe.

A trip to one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine and in the whole Europe, Lviv, is designed for 1 day. However, usually a joint trip to the castles located in the close vicinity to Lviv is recommended and included in the trip. A trip to Lviv includes main sightseeing points and related stories about such places as Market Square, Opera House, the Liberty Avenue, Bernardin Monastery, the Potoskyh Castle, Italian Court, a park Tall Castle and Luchakovskoe Cemetery.

A trip to the castle near Lviv is designed for another one day and includes visiting Olessky Castle, Podgoretsky Castle and Zolochevsky Castle.

If you are pondering about why this will be convenient for you, then these few paragraphs will help you to make up your mind.  

About Lviv  

Lviv is one of the oldest cities. It is not as old as Kiev (Kiev is one of the oldest cities in the Slavic World) but Lviv also has long history. It takes beginning in the 13 century. Since 1356 the city received a Magdeburg Right. Since that Lviv has been under many governances passing from Rus Dukes to Poland, Rumania, Hungary and Soviet Russia. Lviv is primary famous for its architecture. So impressive and unique are its stone streets, medieval buildings and different styles that tourists from all over the globe every day come to Lvov to enjoy its sightseeings and explore its unique places.

The fame of the beauty of Lviv Opera House is international. The best European architects were involved in the construction and decoration of this building.

The Lviv Opera HouseLviv_Opera_House2

The interiors of the Opera House are tinted with the gold. Several kilograms of gold were used up in the process of decoration. Lviv Opera House is open to visitors not only in the evenings for the plays but also at day time. Anyone can walk inside for a little fee and admire rich interiors of this one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe and the whole world.

The downtown of Lviv is enrolled on the list of places protected by UNESCO.

Marketplace Square

Apart from Lviv Opera House, another legendary place is the Marketplace Square. This small square totally conveys the spirit of the medieval ages as all the buildings form a unique ensemble. It looks like a museum under the open sky. This impression is confirmed by the fact that each building on the Marketplace Square has its unique story and legend.

Lviv_city_hallThere is a City Council house, a City Hall and two buildings the “Black Stony House” and “Kornyakt Palace” with great museum inside displaying about 300 000 exhibits. There are fountains guarded by the sculptures of Greek gods designed by famous sculpture Gartman Vitver in the end of the 18th century.

Italian Court

And one of the best places to visit if you go to Lviv, the Italian Court bearing the unique Italian atmosphere in the centre of Eastern European city. Not only visitors and tourists of Lviv, but the residents of Lviv themselves spend their time in this charming places and drink coffee in one of the numerous coffee shops.

Coffee shops and restaurants in Lvov

Coffee is another distinguishing trait of Lvov. If you come to Lvov and try local coffee you will most probably notice how strong LvovLvov_Italian_Yard5 coffee is and who rich by its taste. Unless you are a strong coffee drinker yourself.Coffee shops are famous in Lvov and many coffee shops compete with each other by creating a unique and unraveled design.

Not only coffee shops, but many restaurants in Lvov bear the distinguishing decorative design.There is a restaurant in the name of famous Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch who was Ukrainian and citizen of Lvov. The style of this restaurant suggests sado-maso inclinations and involves sado-maso decorative attributes like whips, handcuffs, strips and chains. If the visitor desires, the stuff can handcuff and chain him or her for additional fee, of course.

Lychakivske Cemetery

Another place to visit when you go to Lvov is Lychakivske Cemetery. Like Opera House in Lvov, Lychakivske Cemetery in its own way is the jewel of architecture art not only in Lvov but in the whole Europe.

Lviv_LuchakIt is one the greatest European Necropolises. The monuments on the graves of many eminent individuals buried in this cemetery were made by the best architects of the time. Each monument is a piece of art and conceals a story of life of the deceased.

The area of the cemetery concludes to 40 ha and the whole cemetery is divided into 86 fields and countless alleys. There are about 3000 graves many of which has historic and art value. Opened in the 18 century, Lychakivske Cemetery was a burial place for nobles, cultural and political elite. In 1990 this cemetery was rendered a status of a historic-cultural reserve.

Other remarkable places

In Lviv, there are also Bernadinsky Monastery of the 18th century with wall paintings and wooden sanctuaries of the 16th century , the Potosky Palace built by French and British architects, a Dominican Church and many other beautiful buildings and sightseeings in Lvov to enjoy. Not to mention medieval castles in the close proximity to Lvov. Usually visiting the castles is included and goes along with the trip to Lvov.

The castles are the separate page in the history of Western Region of Ukraine. There one of them, Podgoretsky Castle was the prototype and Versailles, built by Italian architects, it was greatest Royal Palace in Europe in the first half of the 18 century. It appeared 30 years before Versailles and its walls, windows and the park designs still bear striking resemblance.

Another is Olesky Castle is the oldest castle in Europe as is belongs to the 12th century. There is a stunning exhibition of unique things inside the castle.

And the third is Zolochevsky castle, unique for its Chinese style it has a great collection of museums on its territory.

To find out details about the castles, read “Ukraine Incognito” part in the section “Castles” on this site.

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