Kiev Tour Guide, Translation,

Interpreting, Tourism Services 

One of our main goals is to provide tourism, interpreting services to individuals visiting Ukraine either as tourists or in business - whether you come to Ukraine for a few days or decide to stay in Ukraine for longer time.

We will help you to adapt to local environment, transport system, local lifestyle, traditions to celebrate holidays, local customs. We can help you with valuable advice on accommodation, for example, we can advice on the area where to live with the best price/convenience combination, and help in your communication with a landlord.

We can show you around so that you feel like a fish in water in the city Kiev, and we can help you access places of your interest. It can be exhibitions, trade malls, shopping centers, historical and cultural heritage, modern architecture, art galleries, local restaurants, sports, recreation in Kiev, entertainment, interesting places in Kiev and in Ukraine.


Interpreting & Translation

Our interpreters are swift, polite, straight to the point and collaborative. They have experience interpereting on business, financial and legal matters for many years.

We will also translate any document from/into English in the shortest time.A-Sleeping-Lion-by_Italian_sculptor_V.Bonanni_Alupka_Palace