Business and Idustrial tourism in Ukraine

If you decide what country to go, you have all chances to decide to go to Ukraine after considering all the possibilities.

There are many ways to do business in Ukraine. Ukrainians like beer, Ukrainian women like to spend money on clothes, Ukrainian rich people want to travel and see different places. I personally knew a man who made quite good money on taking advantage of Ukrainian banks who offered good interest rates for the saving accounts in foreign currency. They needed to replenish their currency reserves, he needed good interest rates.

Speaking seriously. Ukraine needs investments. On the other hand, Ukraine has a lot to offer in terms of investment opportunities.

Let’s start with the fact that Ukraine has the largest territory among European country. Ukraine is among developing countries. According to the forecasts, developing countries are going to shape the world in the nearest future. And the forecasts of Reiffeisen Bank suggest that Ukraine and Russia will experience the greatest growth in GDP among the Eastern European countries.

Agricultural sector

Almost all this territory is suitable for agricultural or industrial activity. Ukraine has a favourable climate, enough water supply and great black soil resources. Speaking of developing business in Ukraine and investment opportunities, if you think of growing food prices around the globe and consider that Ukraine is one of the greatest exporters of quality crops (wheat, sunflower) you will see how profitable a business in Ukraine can be.


Agricultural sector of Ukraine needs investments. Investments in machinery, in farming technology and storage facilities. There are also certain specifics about regulations and permission. But they are anywhere. After all, according to a UniCredit Bank forecast, agricultural sector is going to be the strongest sector of economy in Ukraine in the nearest few years.

It is also reassuring to know that Ukraine has always been a key supply of agricultural products at all times.

Industrial sector

Ukraine possesses huge natural resources. At present, Ukraine is among top ten steel suppliers in the world. The metallurgy industry is among the leading industries of Ukraine, along this chemistry and minerals.

According to the estimates, Ukraine is the supplier of about 60% of the world minerals and chemicals. Ukraine has large resources of iron, coal, uranium and manganese.


The best and commonly known assets of Ukraine are its natural resources. However, there are other assets. Ukraine has large potential for hydro energy development. The Dnieper is not only the source of water, but also a great potential for Hydropower industry. Hydro power stations are very popular in Ukraine. There are numerous hydropower electric stations in Ukraine located on the banks of the Dnieper, the greatest of which is Dnieper hydropower plant in Zaporozhya.



Ukraine has the great natural potential to develop an effective logistics system. Consider the fact that Ukraine is located in the middle of Europe. Ukraine has the greates port in Odessa, the Dnieper and the Black Sea. Furthermore, Ukraine has a well-developed railway system connecting almost any medium settlement and even some villages.

Ukraine has already been alarmed to the need of development of a road infrastructure and it recently built a highway Kiev-Odessa.

European tournament 2012 and international integration policy became the factors which prompted Ukrainian authorities to deploy construction of other strategic highways across Ukraine.