Tripillya_cultureMuseum of Trypilska Culture

The Trypilska (Tripolskaya or Cucuteniin the Rumanian language) culture was one of the first civilisations on the world and existed from 5 400 to 2 750 BC.  that means earlier, than Egyptian culture. However incredible to someone it may seem, the Trypilska Civilization was one of the prime centres of antique development on the planet. Trypillya was the society with guaranteed protected life which managed to achieve a high level of comfort in their way of living.

A trip to Museum of Trypilska Culture near Kiev

One of the settlements of Trypilska Civilization was near Kiev City. At present there are museums set for local people and tourist, displaying archeological evidence and artefacts found on the sites all over Ukraine. A trip to the Museaum of Trypilska Culture will take about half a day and it is very convenient to include sightseeing of nearby local remarkable historic places connected with ancient history of Ukraine, Ancient Rus (Ivan-Hill which was one of the first settlements of noble Dukes in Slavic World) and modern history (a Diva Hill which played its role in a fight with communists and a Rzhyshchev Place of Arms). There are great views of the Dnieper for you to enjoy from the hills. Totally a trip will take one day and will last about 6 hours.

About Trypilska Civilization

Trypilska Civilization is a conveniently accepted name for a number of settlement who lived on the lands of modern Ukraine, Moldova andtrypillia4 some part of Rumania from about 5 400 to 2 800 years BC. It may seem as an enormously huge time ago, but, on the other hand, it is only 300-180 generation that separates us! Trypilians populated extremely vast territory – from North Europe to the Black Sea, and, therefore, the name  given to this culture “Trypillya” is very condition.

Input of Trypilska Civilization into Humanity

Trypilska Civilization was so huge and so well-developed, that there is enough evidence which clearly points at the following facts:

  • Trypiltsi are known to be the ones who created the first urban civilization on the Earth. Their cities were populated with over 10 000Tripolskaya_culture citizens (5 400 through 2 750 BC)! This is while the greatest European cities of that time hardly could have counted 500 people!

  • Trypilts are among the first candidates who contest the right to be inventors of the Wheel. It is generally widespread information that the first image of a Wheel is found on Shumer Wall Painting in the South of Mesopotamia (3200 BC). Shocking it may be, but depiction of a Wheel in Trypilska Culture is come across almost two thousand years earlier, in 5000 years BC! Does this fact land itself to suggest that Trypillians were the first who invented the wheel? Is the image is the fundamental and the most credible grounds for conclusion, it seems quite likely.

The style of living and mentality of the first civilization on Earth

Tripillya_culture2Trypiltsi lived mainly from the farming activity. They lived on one place for 50-70 years and after the earth had been deprived they moved on to the neighboring territory. It is estimated that Trypiltsi were so skillful at their farming and, probably, the land was so generous, that they were one of the first civilizations who overproduced food. Trypilti exported food products to Egypt, Mesopotamia, Small Asia and Balkans. There might be controversies in different points of perception of Trypiltsi and their attainments, but for one thing they are granted world-wide recognition. It is their pottery. In each Trypillian dwelling archeologists find from 30 to 200 highly skillful crafts from ceramics. The ornament is perfect, and what is remarkable it bears symbols and unknown marks.

The lifestyle, the surroundings and all the circumstances suggest that Trypiltsi were not aggressive and were not prone to cruelty at all. If judge by the system “in-yan”, they were a nation who lived under “in” influence, soft, romantic and feminine. Archeologists doubt even whether they had an army.

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