SophiaDendropark Sophievka

The park was built by the noble earl Pototsky to his mistress Sophia who was considered to be the most beautiful woman in Europe at the time. The park is one of the most magnificent creations of the world’s horticulture in Europe in the end of XVIII – the first half of the XIX cents.

It stays in one range with such rich and opulent landscaping designs in Europe as gardens in Florence (Italy), Sans Souci park in Potsdam (Germany) and the king’s park in Versailles (France).

Who was this beautiful Lady Sophia?

Sophia started her way into the noble world as a prostitute or a slave sold to one of the members of the nobility when she was a teenager.Uman_park Afterwards she managed to progress to have become one of the most influencing women of the noble society. Her destiny and life exploits are fraught with unbelievable turns and twists and amour stories.

Sophia was warmly welcomed in the High Court of Ekateryna the II, Russian Princess. Sophia played not the last role in the international politics. She was the one to reckon with when it came to life-turning decisions made by the eminent leaders in Poland and Russian court rooms.

The garden, the park is spoken of as the place where Sophia might find a short recourse from her numerous entangled roles and plays in which she performed in her life.

During the excursion you will walk up step by step, corner after corner, all the incredible events and circumstances which this woman had come across and which made her only stronger. So that by the end of the trip you will have the knowledge enough to answer this question to yourself: who was this beautiful woman Sophia? A prostitute? A victim? A politician?

The trip can be made in a car or on a bus. In both ways, the duration of the trip is one day of which must of the time you will spend in the park and its vast territory.


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