Dendropark_Aleksandriya3Dendropark Alexandriya

In the middle of a thick forest, amidst of an endless plain, in the surrounding of lakes and rivers Dendropark Alexandriya is charming and captivating. Add the refinement of beautiful horticulture architecture and you will find the place ideal to drift away from the day-to-day urban life.

It is the biggest park in Ukraine. Located on the slope of the Ros river banks, it covers the area of 200 ha. There are more than 600 varieties of trees and bushes and over 700 plant species. Overall, the park provides a home to 1360 varieties of the vegetation.

The park has beautiful landscape design expressed in three deep ravines descending to the banks of the river.

Dendropark_AleksandriyaDendropark Aleksandriya appeals to its visitors by its life artifacts – spacious glades and groves, waterfalls, rare wild trees growing here in a way in which you will never meet them in a wild nature. Birch and pine tree, chestnut and oak, all grow to please the eye of a visitor with their boisterous green crowns.

The lakes with fountains and waterfalls and bridges dress up the nature. ArchitectureDendropark_Aleksandriya4 monuments with intriguing names “Ruins”, range of columns “Echo”, “Moon”, the column of “Sorrow”, pavilion “Rotonda”, “Chinese Bridge”, “Chinese Arbour”, “Red Hub” and “Dance Pavilion” bring up romantic feeling to the place.

Many of the architectural constructions have their own unique and exquisite trait. For example, the range of column “Echo” which is not just by chance built in a form of a horseshoe, has its own quality which you’ve probable already guessed. Even the softest word pronounced a whisper will be heard distinctly at the other side of the column range.

The overall trip is an excellent chance to shrug off the day-after-day urban routine and submerge into the beauty and freshness of nature, regardless of the time of the year. The park has its own beauty in spring, in summer and in fall. However, in winter it will be closed or available only upon special request. The trip will take one day, travelling a couple of hours in a car or on a bus.

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