stavka-vervolf-14Hitler’s Bunker

Hitler’s headquarter “Vervolf” was constructed from 1941 through 1942 in the complete secrecy. From the outside the headquarter was disguised with wooden materials, whilst the core part of the headquarter located under the ground.

Hitler's bunker "Vervolf" is located in the close vicinity to Kiev City and a trip will take three-four hours.

It is estimated by some experts that the underground part of “Vervolf” consisted of 7 levels. Besides, about 10 German intelligence squads were located not far from Vinnitsa. This provided excellent level of security against partisans and underground movements.

stavka-vervolf-9Moreover, the place for the bunker was ideal for the reason that there was a convenient route which was going to have been laid through this land connecting Hamburg and Gotland (the Crimea). Interestingly, some historians think that there was another reason for the bunker to be located where it was.stavka-vervolf-8

According to their hypothesis, the place was chosen under meticulous administration of a team of wizards, psychics and astrologists from the institute of occult sciences in Berlin. According to one theory, in Vinnitsa region Nazis wanted to create a special zone cleaned from local population and populated exclusively with ethnical Germans.

This was not implemented. Another theory says that the bunker is located exactly at the place where an underground secret chamber had been previously built for a military command of Soviet Army.

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